Jose Reyes 2, Yanks 0


What can I say about last night’s game?

Some good defense by the Mets and bad baserunning by the Yanks cost them their best shot at scoring, and Oliver Perez, a good pitcher, shut them down. It happens. I’ll take 9 wins out of 10 games every day. I ain’t complaining about that one.

The Good: Roger Clemens. 6.1 innings, 2 ER and 8 Ks against a good offensive team. Luis Vizcaino has thrown 4 scoreless innings in a row. That’s his second highest scoreless inning streak this season. I feel like a celebration is in order.

The Bad: Boston wins. Detroit wins. Yanks leave 5 runners in scoring position with two outs.

But, hey, we’ve got another one today. Let’s win it.

By the way, Randy Johnson is on the DL. For the second time this year. I still don’t miss him.

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  • Rich

    Trade Vizcaino while he’s hot!