Mock Draft wrap-up

Sickels Mock Draft: First Round
The streak ends....

I had a lot of fun with this, but boy, lemme tell you that it is not nearly as easy as it looks. You’ve got your eyes set on Player A, and just as it looks like your going to get him, BAM! he’s gone. Or worse, you’re getting ready to pluck the guy you’ve had your eye on for the last 15 picks, them all of a sudden a guy you really didn’t anticipate being able to draft is right there for a taking. It’s a different animal on the inside.

Here’s the thinking behind my picks:

Round 1, Pick #30: Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State
It came down to this: there was just too much talent and upside for me to pass on him. Yeah he missed some time with a tired arm (not to mention having to attend the funeral of an ex-girlfriend who was killed in a car accident), but you just take this kid, introduce him to Nardi Contreras, and let him go.

Round 2, Pick #94: Barry Enright, RHP, Pepperdine
What’s wrong with Barry Enright?!?! I caught alot of shit for this pick, but I stand by it. After taking the high risk Brackman in the first round, I took the safe and conservative route in Enright to balance it out. He may only end up a #4 guy in the rotation, but the chances of him reaching that ceiling are very good.Â

Round 3, Pick #124: Taylor Martin, RHP, St. Michael High (La.)
He’s a power pitcher with one of the highest ceilings in the draft, and probably should have gone in the second round. Classic example of a guy slipping through the cracks. I nabbed him at the end of the third round…then suddenly realized I hadn’t drafted a position player for an organization devoid of any yet…

Round 4, Pick #154: Rick Hague, SS, Klein Collins High (Tx.)
Exactly the type of player the Yanks should take. Talent says he’s a second rounder, but he’s considered nearly impossible to sign (committed to Rice). He’s a great well rounded player, with very nice offensive and defensive potential, and his intagibles help bring it all together. Hard to argue with the pick, I’m just glad I won’t have to open up the wallet for him.

Round 5, Pick #184: Pat Venditte, RHP/LHP, Creighton
I wanted to have some fun with the last pick of the draft, so I took Creighton’s ambidexterious reliever. Dude, this guy had a 43.1 IP shutout streak earlier this year! And he had 10 K’s in a 5+ IPÂ emergency start 2 weeks ago! And..come on, he’s 2 pitchers in 1! Seriously, think about it: he could throw 80 pitches righthanded, then another 80 lefthanded and save the bullpen…

Like I said, this was a lot of fun, but man, I’ve got a newfound respect for the guys that do this for real.

Sickels Mock Draft: First Round
The streak ends....
  • Mike R.

    No JP Arencibia with the first pick? I’m not upset with the Brackman pick, but I would rather have a good catcher in the system than a risky RHP. He could be great but we are stocked with right handed pitching in the farm. We have Christian Garcia, JB Cox, Mark Melancon and hopefully Humberto Sanchez coming back next year.

  • Eric Schultz

    Mike, I’m a little surprised you didn’t take a catcher in the other rounds (IMO, Brackman is a great high risk/high reward for 30). Especially since this is a ddep catcher’s draft. Was that because you just thought the pitchers you took were the best available, or did you purposely avoid using an early pick on a catcher because you think Cervelli is the future?

  • steve

    ambidextrous?>! thats awesome … i’d love to have that guy in our system … i know you can never have enough pitching in the farms but i think the yanks have to take a position player, a catcher, in the top 2 rounds. they have very little down on the farm when it comes to position players

  • dan

    what percentage of the picks in this mock draft will be correct? I can’t even think of a logical over/under number… wild guess says its less than 10% correct after the first 5 picks

  • Mike A.

    Eric – I had my eyes on a couple catchers, but when it came time for me to pick, I thought they’d be an overdraft at that spot. There was no way I was going to pass on Brackman at #30, but then Arencibia, Canham and Josh Donaldson were all drafted before I got to pick again. I’m not entirely sold on Preston Clark or Ed Easley, so I passed on them for guys that I felt had better upsides.

    That was one of the toughest things, narrowing it down to 2 or 3 guys for a paticular pick, then having to decide between them when it comes time for the pick.

  • Eric Schultz

    Love the Venditte pick. Where is he projected to go in the real draft?

  • gt

    I hope Yankees take Connor Graham in 2nd or 3rd round..

    Physical Description: Justin Masterson clone. Big bear of a man. Strength in frame evident.

    Arm Angle: Low 3/4.

    Mechanics: Arm action’s a bit funky, but nothing scary. Landing fair, could use more depth.

    Tempo: Quick. Can rush at times.

    Release time: 1.06

    Ultimate Role: Closer

    Draft Estimate: 2nd-3rd round

    Summary: Elite bullpen type. Very difficult to pickup. Works hard inside and has great late sink on the baseball. Especially tough on righties. Slider could be more consistent but flashes plus-plus. Four-seam gets true upstairs; leaves it up often. Has the mindset to close. Just needs more innings to gain consistency. Will come quickly in the right organization. Results have not matched stuff to date.

  • Rich

    I seriously hope that they don’t take that many RH pitchers early in the draft, unless they are the BPA, which is probably doubtful.

    Take the BPA no matter what.

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  • Jesse G.

    From Keith Law’s new blog entry on

    “The reports that the Yankees are sitting at No. 30, waiting to see which Boras client falls to them, are getting stronger, with their focus apparently shifting towards Andrew Brackman. The North Carolina State right-hander hasn’t pitched since May 12, when he walked five in four innings against Virginia; he missed his next start due to “fatigue,” then skipped his ACC tournament start after the death of his ex-girlfriend, and then was scratched from this weekend’s regional due to inflammation in his throwing elbow. He started the year as the top prospect in this draft, but never performed the way he did on the Cape League last summer, severely hurting his draft stock.”

  • George M.

    I love Enright. I think that is a very good selection if he is still around at that pick. I don’t know where people are getting mid 80’s FB. FB sits 88-92 and touches 93 on a good day. Secondary stuff isn’t overpowering by any means, but all four pitches can be thrown for strikes. His strikeout numbers have climbed every year and his K:BB ratio is nearly 9 to 1. 92Ks to 14BB. Not to bad. He seems to get better every year and seems to prove his critics wrong year in and year out.

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