More draft info from our buddy Keith Law

Pregaming for Draft Day
Down on the Farm

You need an Insider subscription to read the latest from Law, but I’m going to pick a few bits to discuss as they relate to the Yankees.

Law says that the Tigers, holding the 27th pick, aren’t hot an Matt LaPorta. Teams are stuck on where to take the righty/righty University of Florida first baseman because of injury concerns. I’m guessing he won’t even make it to Detroit’s pick. He’s a senior, so he has no leverage to demand more than slot value. A smaller market team could definitely swipe him. If for some reason he falls to 30, it’d be tough for the Yanks to pass on him.

The White Sox look to be jumping in on Brackman’s impending fall from the top. Mike and I have made no mistake about our adoration for Brackman’s superb potential. Can’t blame the White Sox if they want to assume that risk.

In the same paragraph, he mentions Rick Porcello slipping to the Yanks. With the new rules in place for this year’s draft*, it seems unlikely he’d free-fall through the first round. Still, the possibility is quite exciting.

For some additional (Insider only, unfortunately) reading, check out Law’s article on the 2002 draft, aka the Moneyball draft. Specifically, look at the best high school players taken and the best college players.

* If a team fails to sign a player by August 15, he re-enters the draft next year and the team receives the pick directly after their pick in the current year. For example, if Kansas City drafted Porcello at No. 2 and failed to sign him, they’d get the No. 3 pick in the 2008 draft. This means there is much more incentive to take the top talent rather than take someone on signability.

Pregaming for Draft Day
Down on the Farm
  • dan has brackman going at #9 to the dbacks…. i dont know what theyre thinking over there…. and joe savery for the yanks at 30

  • Joseph P.

    They also have Scherzer going. Too bad he’s already signed with the D’Backs.

    It looks like a pretty shitty mock draft. McGeary in the top 20?

    I wouldn’t put any stock in the Yanks taking Savery at 30.

  • KAnst

    Kevin Goldstein has the Tigers taking Porcello at #27 and us taking LaPorta at #30. If Porcello falls I will shit myself with joy. But if he doesnt LaPorta is a decent backup option.

  • Joseph P.

    Couldn’t agree more, KAnst.

    You watching tomorrow?

  • Rick

    It sounds like The Detroit Tigers are really only competition in concern to draft Rick Porcello. Boy if Rick Porcello gets drafted by the yankees OMG.

    Think about guys, a 1-2 punch of Hughes and Porcello. It would be the best young 1-2 tandum since Prior and Wood.

  • KAnst

    I know I am definately watching the draft tomorrow and I am already prepared for the disappointment of Porcello making it to #27 and the Tigers taking him, this is when I wish we could trade draft picks

  • Rick

    Yea damn tigers.

  • Marcus

    Speaking of LaPorta, he was interviewed over at a few weeks ago and had something to say about Ian Kennedy:

    “BaseballAnalysts: Who is the toughest college pitcher that you’ve ever face?

    Matt LaPorta: That would be my buddy Ian Kennedy. I only faced him once when we were at the USA tryouts. He struck me out with a fastball right down the middle of the plate. So basically he out-smarted me and I just tipped my hat and went back to the dugout. Just the way he pitches is so crafty and he’s very smart.”

    Apparently he was mashing all the SEC pitching he saw so he used the smallest of all sample sizes to give kudos to our boy Ian Kennedy.