My All-Star Ballot

Yanks lose one they didn't deserve to win
Down on the Farm

The All-Star Game is just a little over 2 weeks away, so I figured it was finally time to cast my ballot for the starters. I try to make a conscience effort to vote for guys who actually belong in the game, and not just vote for everyone on the Yankees. However, sometimes my personal biases do come into play.

You can cast your vote by clicking here. Friends don’t let friends vote for their team’s players over and over again. Vote responsibly.

AL 1B: Casey Kotchman – everyone loves Youkilis, but Kotch has a higher OPS (.947-.915), an equal number of HR/RBI (8/35 to 8/36) and he’s far better with the glove. Oh, and his 16-24 K/BB beats out Youk’s 37-32 as well. Kind of a darkhorse pick, but Kotch has been The Man.

AL 2B: BJ Upton – not only has he carried my fantasy team to glory (in first by 14 games as we speak), but he’s having a monster year, proving all the “he’s a bust, yeah he’s only 22, but he’s a bust” sayers wrong. He’s got a 102 point advantage in OPS over Brian Roberts (2nd in OPS for a 2B), which is a Ruthian spread for second basemen. Injury could keep him out of the game though.

AL SS: Derek Jeter – still the straw that stirs the Yankees drink. Carlos Guillen’s having a great year, but Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter. Name recognition wins out here (plus it’s not like he’s having a bad year).

AL 3B: For the love of God, please don’t opt-out! – ’nuff said

AL C: Jorge Posada – I’ve gotta throw some love Victor Martinez’s way, I didn’t realize how great a year he was having until NoMaas linked to it.

AL OFMagglio Ordonez, Vlad & Torii Hunter – first 2 are pretty self explanatory, and I gave Hunter the nod over Curtis Granderson just because he’s having a better all around year. Such is the perk of a contract year.

AL SP: not on the ballot, but you couldn’t convince me that Dan Haren doesn’t deserve to start.

NL 1B: Prince Fielder – pretty much self explanatory, but here’s an interesting little factoid: Prince has only 2 fewers homers than A-Rod, but A-Rod’s got 15 more RBI. Shows you that A-Rod’s not just doing it with the long ball.

NL 2B: Chase Utley – this guy’s just awesome; 30 doubles and 58 RBI is what just about any manager would take out of their 2B for a year, but Utley’s got those numbers right now. Special mention to Dan Uggla.

NL SS: Edgar Renteria – monster, monster, MONSTER year. Equal or better in every statisical category than Jose Reyes, save stolen bases and triples. If Atlanta wins the division, he’s a legit MVP candidate.

NL 3B: Miggy Cabrera -Â gains weight, still hits. Far and away the best third baseman behind A-Rod. Riddle me this Mets fans: how the hell does David Wright have fewer RBI than Aaron Hill, Khalil Greene and Orlando Cabrera???

NL C: Russ Martin – another reason I’m dominating in fantasy. Leads NL catchers in just about every offensive category, and he’s stolen 13 bases! If the Dodgers win their division, he’s an MVP candidate.

NL OF: Matt Holliday, Ken Griffey Jr. & Eric Byrnes – Holliday’s emerged as one of the 3 best outfielders in all of baseball (dude’s just a beast), and Junior is still the man. Brynes is having a great under-the-radar year; every bit as good as Aaron Rowand.

NL SP: gimme Peavy, dude’s just a wrecking crew. Can’t wait to see how he treats the Sawx later today (I’m goin’ to the game). If he can’t go, gimme Cole Hamels.

Yanks lose one they didn't deserve to win
Down on the Farm
  • Eric Schultz

    NL shorstop is loaded this season. One could also make compelling cases for JJ Hardy and Hanley Ramirez, who are both having great years, and Jimmy Rollins is also having a good year.

  • Mike Plugh

    J.J. Hardy had a great start to the year, but has regressed measurably since sometime mid-May. He’s a very good player, but he was never THAT good. I think he’ll finish the year with decent numbers, but he’s back to being J.J. Hardy instead of Miguel Tejada.