Proctor knows how to buy himself a break

LeBron ain't got nuttin' on David Price
Down on the Farm

Scott Proctor had a 5.13 ERA in April, mostly the product of zero-inning, three-run performance against the Red Sox on April 22. Proctor had pitched in the previous two games, allowing no runs in 1.2 IP. He was beginning to be overused, as is Joe Torre’s wont. So on May 6, he threw behind Yuniesky Betancort, earning himself a four-game suspension. Proctor had a 1.50 ERA in May — and that was completely the product of his meltdown last Sunday.

His location has been off lately — he’s been missing spots like crazy. And it’s not unfathomable to think that he just missed on an inside pitch to Youk last night. But Scott has definitely bought himself at least four games again. The All-Star break will buy him another rest.

Maybe we’ll see a completely effective Proctor this season?

LeBron ain't got nuttin' on David Price
Down on the Farm
  • Stuart

    I do not think he should be suspended…why him?? Why not Lopez for hitting Cano????

    Youklis is over the plate like Jeter… Call me a fool I do not think he meant to go headhunting

    baseball is a joke it is true you cannot pitch inside anymore…..

  • Rick

    And Chris “The Mad idiot” Russo said that proctor was intenionally trying to Youklis in the head. What a moron.

  • Stuart

    chris russo is always a moron is there anything new here???

    he spouts all kinds of things from his mouth but never is called on his mistakes, wrong predicitions, or just stupidity…

    the guy is on a NY sports show but hates the marque team in the market, figure that out….

  • Joseph P.

    I heard that this morning too, Rick. Rare is the time I can listen to the FAN.

  • Rich

    I think it’s pretty clear that the HBP wasn’t intentional. Suspending Proctor would be a joke, but that’s what MLB has become.

  • Ben

    MLB has decided not to suspend Proctor. As I figured, it was unintentional. You don’t throw at someone with a 1-2 count in a six-run game in the bottom of the ninth.

  • Stuart

    great d and fundamentals in the bottom of the 7th..

    way to support Proctor…

    jeter 2 E’s, abreu misplay, cano, and Arod not on the bag.. Did I miss anything from this masterpiece????????????????