Red Sox rough up get shut down by Jeff Weaver

Would the real Mike Mussina please stand up?
Double-A Trenton has a really good pitching staff

I ended up turning off the Red Sox/Mariners game in the third last night, with the Red Sox having taken a 2-1 lead. With Jeff Weaver on the mound, it was only a matter of time before the Red Sox lengthened the lead, right?

Much to my surprise, though, that was all the Red Sox would get from him. Now I wish I had kept it on the rest of the way, or at least through the fifth, when the Mariners roughed up Julian Tavarez and Kyle Snyder (who walked in two runs) for five runs. Watching the seventh would have been more fun, as the M’s hit up Mike Timlin for three runs — two homers.

(Aside: If the Sox release Timlin this year like they did Alan Embree in 2005, do you think Cashman picks him up? Not “do you think Cash should pick him up (because the answer is a vehement “no”), but will he do it? I think he will. And I will be pissed.)

Keep it tuned to Lookout Landing for updates on the series. I don’t know why, but I just see the Sox leaving Seattle without a win.

By the way, best image ever on LL:

Guy in the rally cap: “With guns like these, I should be playing for the Sawks.”

Meanwhile, we’ve got our work cut out for us, as we face Jeremy Guthrie. He’s rollin’ this year. Thankfully, the Yanks have seen him, but certainly not everyone has. He pitched two innings, facing seven hitters, in 2004. Fifty bucks says Cairo gets the start tonight because of that.

Would the real Mike Mussina please stand up?
Double-A Trenton has a really good pitching staff
  • Mike from CT (formerly of DC)

    I don’t take bets that amount to me pissing away $5.

  • Pat

    The beautiful thing about having an 11 game lead over the Yankees and a 10 game lead over the Blue Jays is that it really isn’t that big of a deal when our number 5 starter gets roughed up a little. Tavarez would probably be a #2 on the Yankees. Good luck the rest of the way chumps.

  • Joseph P.

    Fitting of a Sox fan: I poke a little fun, you jump back with insane allegations.

    Julian Tavarez ERA: 4.60

    Andy Pettitte: 3.28
    Chien-Ming Wang: 3.51

    It ain’t even close.

    Incidentally, you have one starter with an ERA close to those two.

  • Mike A.

    Guy on the left: You know Sully, I really wish you’d shave that thing.

    Guy on the right: Damn Smitty, is that the mini-bat from the giveaway in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

    Guy on the left: It’s the mini-bat AND I’m happy to see you….err…I mean dammit Sully, what did I tell you about checking out my junk in public?


    Guy on the left: Oh who am I kidding, I can’t stay mad at you…

  • Yankee Doom & Gloomer

    Hey you picked up a half a game last night and didn’t even have to lose! Looks like that’s the only way you’ll be picking up any games on the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL from here on in!

    Oreos sweep you and send you home with a 1-9 road trip!!!!!!

    Have fun with Oakland, Minnesota and California while the Red Sox beat up Texas, Tampa & Detroit right before the All Star break. Look to be about 20 out at the break along with Tampa and Bal’more!!!!!

  • C-Note

    WTF are Red Sox A-Holes doing on this site- go get F*cked and have fun playing with your one ring

  • Mike A.

    Hey you picked up a half a game last night and didn’t even have to lose!

    How the hell does that make sense? That’s some wicked hahrrible lahgic.

    And C-Note, take it easy on the occasional stray Sawx fan that enters RAB – they’ve only won half an many World Series at the Florida Marlins the last 90 years after all!

  • John

    _they’ve only won half as many World Series as the Florida Marlins the last 90 years_
    Actually, they got a ring in 1918, so the two teams are tied. The only reason it’s that close is because the Marlins didn’t exist for about 75 of those years. What’s a better measure is that Philadelphia has more rings than Boston in that span (2 for the A’s, 1 for teh Phillies).