Step 1: We’re back online

Thoughts on Day 1 of the draft
I am a cursed man

However, as you can tell, we’re running slow. Our host is working on it. Hopefully we’re running at full speed later this afternoon.

Mike’ll have some more draft analysis later on.

Oh, and we won! But Mussina is a whiny bitch.

Thoughts on Day 1 of the draft
I am a cursed man
  • Ct Rob

    As Lou Brown said in Major League :
    “It’s startin’ to come together, Pepper. It’s startin’ to come together.”

  • JMM

    Good to have you guys back online.

    I was worried.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Welcome back

  • Jersey

    I can’t blame Moose for being annoyed. 79 pitches through 7? Even if the guy’s in a jam, pulling him at that point is a tough choice to make. Torre’s quick hook continues for all but the Wormkiller it seems.

    That said, I don’t see how bringing it to the media helps anything.

  • Jersey

    PS Welcome back ;)

  • John

    Gotta agree with Moose.
    I would have liked to see him face a couple more batters. It worked out, though so it’s hard for me to get too excited.

  • Joseph P.

    I’m not saying Moose was wrong. I’m saying:

    1) He shouldn’t go whining to the press about it.

    2) This is his 7th year as a Yankee. If he didn’t know that Torre was going to pull him after the single to Konerko in the 7th, he hasn’t been paying attention.

  • Mac

    Moose also said some good stuff after the game, by the way, like, “we finally look like a real ball club”–so it’s kind of good to here some fiestiness from him, at least we know someone cares. I mean, he’s whiny but really, I am glad to know there’s at least someone on the team who isn’t always just going to speakhe company line, like Jete or Joe would.

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