That was humiliating

Down on the Farm
Torre a master at repeating terrible mistakes

There probably will be no game recap. If you didn’t see the game, Scott Proctor walked in the winning run. If you did see the game, you probably didn’t want to be reminded.

I’ll post the pathetic numbers from the last seven days later on.

Expect tomorrow to be a whimsical day. We freakin’ need it.

Down on the Farm
Torre a master at repeating terrible mistakes
  • Luddy Bazcej

    Brian Cashman fiddles as Rome burns.

  • Stuart

    said but true Luddy. bring up the kids what do they have to lose.. you have confidence in kyle, scott, viz., bruney and the gang..

    I have never seen a whole pen who could not throw strikes. you think these guys throw 85 mph…

  • Luddy Bazcej

    It’s baffling that Cashman wont even do the smallest thing to help the team. Can anyone explain his thinking? Because Im a fan for 20 years and I cannot comprehend it. Why is he sticking with this group of under achievers when people in AAA can help?

    What does it cost them to try Shelley Duncan at first? What does it cost them to put Britton in the pen? What does it cost them to demote Nieves and give Chavez a try? These moves cost them nothing except the hassle of some roster moves. These guys are already in the system and contributing to Scranton…why not let them try to help out in the majors? I do not understand this mentality at all.

    These are small baby step type moves that can start to stir the soup. You can worry about dealing Abreu or getting a 1B later. But Cashman wont even bring up a guy who is clobbering the ball in AAA! This festering mess is allowed to fester and fester until it will be too late to do anything to salvage the season. I have always been a huge supporter of Cashman but this malaise and lack of reaction is a fucking joke.

    And by the way, I no longer think Cano gives a rat’s ass about being a serious ballplayer. This guy is coasting and doesnt care about taking it up a notch.

  • C-Note

    i am really down on cano as well- I know there will be .340 years like last year… I can also see A LOT of years when he looks like he doesn’t give a shit and puts up number accordingly

  • Luddy Bazcej

    I can kinda understand Cano is young, has come into a lot (relatively) of money and wants to enjoy. I’m sure his formative years weren’t the easiest. But fucking hell man, you made it to the majors, give us an ounce of “I give a shit”. If partying all night is more important than getting to bed early and playing good baseball, trade his ass to Pittsburgh and see learn to appreciate the game.

  • brxbomrs


    I’m not seeing an I don’t care attitude from Cano – what am I missing?

    Not arguing the Bloomfield miscall is his biggest sin this year.

    What I am seeing is Cano and Melk being thrown to the wolves and ignored until Cashman can work his usual “magic” trading Hughes for Eric Byrnes and an autographed photo of Joe Garaggiola.

    I think Cano isn’t getting anything to hit being so far down in the order. Joe wants to give Abreu and MAtsui every possible opportunity to drive this team down in the standings to force Cashman to make a few desperation trades\moves – I hear Nolan Ryan is thinking of firing it up again

    I also think Kevin Long has zero value to this team.

    Again, not saying you are wrong, but what am I not seeing or hearing in regard to Cano being apathetic?