The Yankees as the girl of your dreams

Dellin Betances spotted alive and well in Staten Island
Down on the Farm

Yankee Guy, the male half of Yankee Girl Vs. Guy blog, penned an amusing piece comparing the last 12 seasons of Yankee baseball to various hot and not-so-hot women. My favorite is Anne Hathaway as the 1996 season because of this.

Dellin Betances spotted alive and well in Staten Island
Down on the Farm
  • Mike A.

    The ’98 Yanks are the greatest team in all of baseball over the last 30 years, at least. We can do better than Mandy Moore.

    How about that chick from those RGX body spray commercials ?

  • steve

    i dont know for an all around girl mandy moore is tough to beat, jessica alba could have been the entire dynasty and i would have been happy with that. i love how jeter dated two of those girls on the list. lucky basturd.

  • yankz

    Steve’s a genius- Alba is the entire dynasty.

    That, btw, is a lovely picture of Miss Hathaway.

  • yankz

    The Britney Spears comp is perfect. Oh, what could have been…

    And only the ’62 Mets can be Lohanesque. I’m calling it now, this season is Hayden Panettiere (once she turns 18, of course): coming out of nowhere to steal your heart…

  • ShawnT

    i would have picked elisha for 98 rather than mandy moore

  • Joseph P.

    The weird thing about the body spray chick is that by pure looks, she’s not the hottest chick. But man, after the commercial is over, I’m left with nothing but the desire to have nasty, hot sex with her.

  • dan

    hahaha joseph, revealing a side of you that few have ever seen; although a view that most people in their right minds share