Wallace Matthews is an idiot

The glorious return to .500
A list of who's left

Yesterday, Wallace Matthews, who somehow has a job as a sports columnist with Newsday, wrote a piece about Alex Rodriguez and the now-infamous opt-out clause. His conclusion: The Yankees should wave good bye to A-Rod and instead invest in middle relievers because the Yankee Dynasty teams of the late 1990s won with good relief pitching. Yes, you read that correctly; a newspaper columnist is calling for relief pitchers instead of the best power-hitting third baseman in the game. Matthews’ column is so stupid that I won’t even link to it here. Instead, let me direct your attention to Ken Tremendous’ latest post on Fire Joe Morgan in which he absolutely eviscerates Matthews. Tremendous did what I wanted to do, only better.

The glorious return to .500
A list of who's left
  • dan

    i read that article yesterday and almost called newsday demanding that matthews be fired…. but then i realized that FJM wouldn’t be as funny without him

  • http://www.yanksblog.com James Varghese

    This isn’t the first Mathews article FJM has ripped up either. Here’s the first: http://tinyurl.com/2m4aa2: that posits that the Yankees are winning due to Jason Giambi being injured.

    I can’t believe this guy gets paid to write these things…

  • Rich

    As with Lupica, I don’t read Wally.

    IIRC, Fillip Bondy, who I don’t often agree with, had a column this week suggesting that the Yankees lock A-Rod up now. I don’t think that’s possible, but he at least he understands A-Rod’s value to the team.