• Marc

    the guy is pretty good ain’t he?

  • Marc

    hey mike i have a decently good question for you? When wang was first being brought up, what were your thoughts? Did you think wang would be succesful? what were your concerns?

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I felt about Wang then how I feel about Brett Smith now: eh, he’ll be a decent back-of-the-rotation guy. If the Yanks would have traded him, I wouldn’t have been all that upset.

    But you have to realize that the CM Wang that’s pitching in the big leagues now IS NOT the same CM Wang that was pitching in the minors then. I have no idea where the whole “pound the zone with a sinker and get a ton of groundballs” approach came from; he was a 4 pitch (fastball, change, slider and splitter) strikeout guy (nearly 8.00 Kper9 as recent as 2004) in the minors.

    I’m really curious to know when the change in philosophy occurred, but it seems like it happened overnight: one night he was racking up double digit K’s in Columbus, the next night he was getting grounders like no tomorrow in the bigs. It just blows my mind how different of a pitcher he is now.

    Remember, Wang is no underdog come-outta-nowhere guy. The Yanks gave him something like $1.4M out of high school, and he was a very sought after prospect (the Braves were hard on him as well). He had a bunch of injuries in the minors, the big ones being to his shoulder and to one of his knees, which diminished his prospect status. He was a talented guy all along, he just hit a speed bump or two along the way.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I guess I didn’t really answer your questions Marc…

    I thought he’d be successful, but not nearly as successful as he’s become. He’s exceeded my expectations more than any Yanks’ prospect who’s come up in the last 6 or 7 years in my opinion (basically since I started following the minors).

    My biggest concerns were the injury troubles (that’s still in the back of my mind) and the fact that he never was dominant in the minors; always good, but never dominant.

  • C-Note

    career High in K’s for the ACE of the staff tonight… and against the METS! and during the 10th K making Jose reyes fall to the ground on a swing and miss…. GREAT NIGHT!

  • Marc

    My.. um.. interlude into minor league baseball kind of began about 18 months ago… not to make your head to big mike… IGWT that you ran was actually the kick start into my interest reading about these kids. Now its a bit of an addiction actually. Anyway, I have read a ton about wanger and his minor league situatons (his shoulder still makes me nervous). But i wasn’t all too sure of his minor league rise so thanks for the info. I’ve also learned this.. either the yankees don’t know how to scout impact position players or pitchers are really just a lot mroe fun to keep track of.

    Side note: I purchased the Milb.tv thign so if you wanna check out edwar the great let me know and ill email u the login info. His change up gets some pretty funny swings from some decent mlb hitters.

  • Barry

    we are also witnesses to Joe Torre’s ridiculousness. 8.2 innings into the game he just takes out Wang to put in everyone’s favorite 38 yr. old hack mike myers. WTF JOE LET THE FUCKING MAN FINISH THE FUCKING GAME. Bottom line I think Joe Torre is showing signs of age and possible brain damage.\Fucking stupid.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Barry: The Yanks won. They’ve won 12 of 15 games in June. Wang was at a career high 110 pitches. There was no reason to keep him out there. Chill out. They won.

  • Rich

    Damon Oppenheimer has only been in charge of the draft since 2005. Cashman only gained any authority over the draft in 2006. The initial goal was to stockpile pitching prospects. They drafted more position players this year. It would be premature to jump to any negative conclusions based on such a small sample.

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  • dan

    barry- wang threw 113 pitches. i know he just got the dp, but what’s the point in having him face the next guy and possibly have a 12 pitch at bat or something and then have him finish the game at 125 pitches? wang didnt have a shutout going either, so the CG is essentially pointless, and the myers move was meaningless and had no effect on any part of the game.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Well it looks like Wang is going back to being a 4-pitch pitcher. Seems to be throwing what, is that a cutter that tails back over the inside corner to lefties?, a slider that seems to now be his k pitch vs righties, a 4-seamer? up and out of the zone to get guys to chase with 2 strikes, and the sinker.

    I suspect the pound the sinker approach came out of the Yankees need for a starter in 05. Iirc he was hanging his slider too much when he first came up, and having success with the sinker, so the Yanks made him into basically a one-pitch pitcher. Now Guidry seems to trust his full pitch selection more.

    As for A-rod, we need to resign this dude. Best Yankee player not named Babe?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Plus Delgado is now 3 for 14 with 10 K’s against Myers in his career. Maybe Torre just wanted to see Carlos look bad. Kick ’em while they’re down, right?

  • Barry

    let him get the complete game thats my stance, imo, no reason to yank him