What a fantastic trade

The streak ends....
Yanks down but definitely not out

Bobby Abreu just misplayed an out into a game-tying single + two-base error. Meanwhile, this afternoon, Gary Sheffield, whom scouts have always preferred to Abreu despite the age difference, hit his fourth home run in 10 games. Sheffield is now batting .266/.378/.493 with 13 HR and 32 RBI. And the Yanks have Bobby Abreu stumbling around right field like a Little Leaguer and Humberto Sanchez out for a very long time. Good trade there, Cashman.

The streak ends....
Yanks down but definitely not out
  • Matt L

    first of all Abreu was great last year, and to predict anything else would not make sense, since he is the model of consistency. Secondly, everyone knew that Sanchez was a high risk/ high reward type pitcher. THirdly, everyone hated Sheff’s attitude and thought that the trade was the right move at the time, so while hindsight is 20/20 at the time of the trade Cashman was a genious.

  • dan

    Ben, I dont agree with you on this one. At the time of the trade everyone loved it. You can’t fault cashman for an arm injury to a pitcher, that point was invalid. I love this site, especially when your opinions are unique or controvercial or whatever, but this post sounds like its just angry for the sake of being angry… it’s not very logical to write that. Why does it matter what scouts think? they can’t tell you anything you don’t already know about abreu or sheffield. I could be wrong, but I just don’t think this post jives with the overall attitude of RAB

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben


    You may be right. I was pretty annoyed with Abreu when he misplayed that ball.

  • yankz

    Not to mention they were on the hook for Abreu and had nowhere to play Sheffield. Unless you think they could’ve traded Abreu in the offseason, which would’ve cost a lot of money.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’d be shocked if Abreu didn’t end up putting up close to his career averages hitting wise. In fact, he seems to be pulling out of his slump.

    The fielding’s an adventure, but he did end up making a few good plays in right in the late innings tonight.

    Effin Youkilis swung at that pitch btw, no matter what Joe the Yankee Hater claimed on ESPN.

  • Stuart

    I still like th eSheff trade..

    They got sanchez, whelan, and clagget.. give it some time… sheff is 38…..

    Sheff is an expensive 1 dimensionsal cancer, yes the Yanks need a right hand bopper I am aware of that…

  • steve

    right now i wish we had sheff … but thats cause abreu is in a slump and is a terrible fielder, but if we all take a deep breath and count to 10 we’d realize that abreu will break out and it was all worth it, almost for the attitude alone.

  • Ron

    Since when did Sheff become a gold glove outfielder? I remember him being pretty much a butcher out there (game 5 vs Angels in ’05), although at least he wasn’t afraid of the wall.

    It was a good trade then and it still is a good trade. If Sheff isn’t happy, he’s a cancer.

  • John

    Let’s also think back to the statue that is Shef on defense. Catching the ball by his ear every time always annoyed me, too.

  • Joseph M

    Sheffield deal was addition by subtraction and must not be part of the Abreu discussion. Abreu is certainly a disappointment in the field but I feel we have to give him until the All Star before writing him off completely.

  • Barry

    Abreu is no great shakes but he is gonna turn it around, That play was disgraceful and there is no excuse but Abreu isn’t the whole team.