Yanks lose one they didn’t deserve to win

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Sixteen runners left on base.
Miguel Cairo’s 1 for 6 performance while leaving 7 runners on base by himself
Mariano Rivera, one of the game’s all-time greats, watching from the bullpen as the Yanks lesser relievers blew the game.
Bobby Abreu inexplicably bunting in the 11th inning.

All this adds up to yet another game this season the Yanks should have won but didn’t. Not good, folks. Not good.

Down on the Farm
My All-Star Ballot
  • http://www.baseballhotcorner.blogspot.com Mark

    Torre is having a bad year

  • YankeeJosh

    No doubt one of the worst losses of the season. No clutch hitting, a terrible job by the bullpen in the 7th made this a terrible loss.

    Abreu’s bunt in the 11th made no sense at all. Kevin Thompson leads off with a single. He is the fastest guy on the team and basically here to be a pinch runner. Let him steal second. Abreu will take the pitches. Then take your chances with Abreu, A-Rod, Posada and Matsui. Even if they walk A-Rod, there will be chances to get a runner in from second with none out. And if Thompson doesn’t make it, the game is still tied.

  • Rich

    The coach in charge of OF alignments had Melky playing kind of deep for the game winning hit.