2007 International Signees


When the smoke finally cleared and all the checkbooks were put away, the Yanks landed 9 players during this year’s international player signing period. The biggest name of the bunch is Dominican outfielder Kelvin DeLeon, who reportedly has plus-plus power (take that with a grain of salt) and a physical presence similar to Melky Cabrera (what ever the hell that means). No word on the bonus yet, but he was reportedly seeking between $1.6 and $1.8M, an ungodly amount.

In addition to DeLeon, the Yanks inked 4 other Dominicans: 3B Elio DeLaRosa, OFers Henry Pena & Edwin Beard, and RHP Arodis Vizcaino. The Yanks also landed 3 Venezuelans in C’s Jorge Liccien & Josue Rodriguez (I guess they’re trying to land another Frankie Cervelli), and OF Eduardo Sosa, who the article compares to Johnny Damon (hopefully they mean the young Johnny Damon). Finally, the Yanks also waxed Brazil for RHP Maicer Sousa.

This year’s super-elite international prospect most likely went to the Braves in the person of 16 year old Colombian RHP Julio Teheran. This isn’t confirmed yet, but the Bravos were hard after him and usually get their man on the international front.

Outside of DeLeon, none of these guys are what you’d consider great prospects, and even DeLeon is walking the fence in that regard (in my opinion). These guys will go to the Yanks’ academy in the Dominican, and outside of DeLeon, none are gauranteed to come to the States next year.

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  1. JP says:

    Call me crazy but DeLeon looks a hell of a lot more like Soriano in that picture. Is the guy on the right Abreu’s younger brother or do I just need some coffee?

    It seemed like a really thin class this year. I hope they didn’t go crazy with bonuses

  2. Patrick says:

    “… a physical presence similar to Melky Cabrera (what ever the hell that means).”


  3. Rich says:

    Has anyone in the media actually seen any of these prospects play? If not, who knows how good they really are?

  4. felixpanther says:

    I still can’t get over they missed Francisco Pena last year, the complete catcher they desperate need

  5. pp says:

    We got Jesus Montero last year, the guy with 80 power on the 20-80 scouting scale. I think the organization is ok without a “complete” catcher for maybe another year or two

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