Allow me to speculate for a moment

The best deadline pickup in baseball
Edwar earns his call-up...again

Okay, we all know the Yanks aren’t going to follow my advice. But seriously, there are some moves that you just have to make. And to me, the moves that the Yanks have to make from here on our are pretty clear: Get rid of Farnsworth.

To be clear, here’s how I would construct the 25-man.

C: Jorge
1B: Phillips
2B: Cano
3B: Alex
SS: Jeter
LF: Matsui
CF: Melky/Damon
RF: Abreu
DH: Giambi/Damon
BEN: Betemit
BEN: Duncan
BEN: Molina
BEN: Cairo (because we know he’s not going anywhere)

SP: Wang
SP: Pettitte
SP: Clemens
SP: Mussina
SP: Hughes
RP: Rivera
RP: Vizcaino
RP: Bruney
RP: Chamberlain
RP: Karstens
RP: One of Villone/Myers/Henn

You can add another reliever to that list if you subtract Cairo. But you get the gist.

The best deadline pickup in baseball
Edwar earns his call-up...again
  • Frank

    Well you can’t say “here’s how I would construct the 25-man” then say of Cairo “because we know he’s not going anywhere”.

    Me, the only thing I’d change is DFA Cairo and bring up Thompson for defense, speed, and maybe another right-handed bat (if Torre could ever pinch hit for Abreu or Damon against LHP) or even Gardner in the defense/speed role.

  • Stuart

    Reegie Corona is yrs away but he is a SS and was promoted to Trenton today…

    I think Bruney needs a demotion and needs to work on some things at SWB.

  • Jersey

    No Edwar?

  • Joseph P.

    “No Edwar?”

    Considered, but Joe would never use him.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Well he’s supposed to be back up tomorrow or Thursday…

  • John

    There are 26 men there.
    You didn’t give Damon a firm position when you counted. There goes Cairo.

  • John

    Nevermind I’m a dipshit.

  • Bill

    I like the idea of 11 pitchers, but it just doesn’t seem like the Yanks style.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    I realize we should try to reduce payroll and not give away guys, but we should have done the Wickman deal. For a few mil we could have gotten rid of the guy who showed up our manager, nearly broke Posadas wrist and who cant pitch well.

  • andar909

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