And you thought baseball had a drug problem

Joba's makin' it look easy

So far during the 2007 Tour de France, two teams have quit due to failed drug tests, four stage winners have be ousted and now the overall leader has been fired from his team and the Tour for lying about his whereabouts during a drug test. With Curt Schilling calling out Bonds and McGwire for their silence in the face of steroid accusations, Jason Giambi is starting to look almost saint-like these days.

Joba's makin' it look easy
  • yanksphan

    As a cyclist and former pro-racer, I will say that baseball can only hope to someday be in the situation cycling is currently in.

    With war, there will be casualties.

    Right now, cycling is in a war against doping. The powers that be have brought down stricter testing policies. For example, in the Tour de Franc, each stage winner must test immediately after the stage – could you imagine that in baseball?

    “Nice game Johan, now please piss in this cup”

    “Wow Derek, 4 for 4 tonight! Please piss in this up”

    Only the pure idiots are doping now, and they’re getting caught. When the lifetime bans start getting levied, I guarantee you’ll see less of what’s going on this year in the TdF.

    Right now baseball’s “war on drugs” is a joke. If baseball really wanted to clean up, we’d see the same thing happening rather than the Felix Heredia’s getting busted.