If that doesn’t sum up my frustration with tonight’s game, nothing will. One bad inning doomed Pettitte and the Yanks. Untimely hitting including a bad strike out by Derek Jeter of all people doomed the Yanks. And you gotta give credit to Jeremy Guthrie. That was an excellent pitching performance. I’ll take 3 out of 4. Here’s to Clemens throwing a good game later today.

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  • Stuart

    1 for their last 20 with RISP..

    How about sitting Abreu against lefties???

    This lefty issue is a big problem for the team!!!!!

    Jeter and Posada looking at strike 3 wiht RISP, ouch..

    Veras pitched in Scranton…

    What are they going to do with kartens??/ Send down Henn?