Don’t bet on any big trades

Overcoming eight games of bad luck
Down on the Farm: Another tough day for the Baby Bombers

While everyone is salivating over the thought of Mark Teixeira in pinstripes, I don’t think the Yanks are going to make a big trade this July 31st. They aren’t going to trade one of their blue-chip young pitchers, and they get back a pitcher from the DL – Phil Hughes – who is better than anyone available via a trade. The Yanks’ offense doesn’t need help; the pitching has been solid lately. Maybe we’ll see a bullpen move, but nothing major.

Overcoming eight games of bad luck
Down on the Farm: Another tough day for the Baby Bombers
  • dan

    getting Teixeira would be nice, but it would also confuse a lot of things that dont need messing with. I can see them making a move at the deadline if phillips stops hitting and the team suddenly starts losing, but other than that i dont see it happening. if the team starts losing, they would become sellers before they trade for Teixeira. If Teixeira is on the team, then melky in all likelihood gets zero playing time with damon in center and giambi at DH when he comes back (2-3 weeks i hear). Not a major trade, but ive heard a few times about a reliever (proctor/farnsworth) for wilson betemit. Even if you have to give proctor and a prospect (marquez maybe, if that much) i’d do it. betemit walks a ton, hits for power, and can play all over the infield.

  • Mike R.

    Rumor has it that the Red Sox are front runners for Texeira. While the article I read did not mention any players I would imagine that Buchholz would be the centerpiece.

    Long term I would be more than happy if they made that trade. I’d rather face Tex for a year and a half than to face Buchholz for six years.

    Any thoughts?

  • C-Note

    if they trade Buchholz and others it could really fuck with the Sox farms system— and Tex has never played in the intensity of the Yank vs Sox series, who knows if he’s up for it…

    the Sox are much more built to win now that even the yankees are(Ortiz from the steriods he took by accident is starting to break down, Manny and ketchup sox are getting older- Becket and Dice-K have A LOT of millage on those arms

    Let the Sox give away the farm for TEX, let them have a magical regular season, maybe 100 wins even

    lets get the wildcard then get some payback for 04’… revenge is a dish best served cold… 3 f*cking years seems long enough to wait