• Rick

    He was iight. lol.

    But to be serious, that change up is NASTY!!!

  • Malcard89

    THREE Ks!!

  • NYFan50

    That change was great. Morneau never saw that one coming on the full count. Best part was Jeter’s HUGE grin after the 3rd K.

    One step closer to entering the Joe Torre Circle of Trust.

  • ShawnT

    Luv to see him dominate with that wicked changeup that hes famouse for

  • steve

    well done edwar …. speaking of dominance 6 IP 4 hits 1 walk 12 K by chamberlain tonight

  • Luddy Bazcej

    hooray for edwar!

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    That changeup is absolutely filthy. It completely disappears out of the zone, like Eric Gagne’s from 2003.

    That was awesome.

  • Barry

    not to bash the mood but lets see him in a tight ball game

  • b/c

    you bashed the mood

  • Mac

    mood is definitely bashed.

  • John


  • C-Note

    mood not bashed- he stuck out the side, two of the guys are all star caliber players, it was his first MLB game at Yankee stadium- Paul O’Neil thought his stuff looked filthy…

    we’ve been screaming for this guy for two months

    we’ve been vindicated

    i’m in a pretty good fuckin mood

  • Mike K

    He looked great, but the only thing I worry about is that his fastball seemed to top out at around 92 (I could be wrong about this). Thus, if he gets behind in the count, he will be able to be hit. If he had 3-4 mph more on that, his changeup would be a lot more nasty.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Mike K,

    If he gets behind in the count, he’ll throw the change.

  • John L.

    Got to see the video on MLB.com. That changeup makes me super happy; 78 MPH and it just falls of table. Morneau et al looked really surprised. Let’s hope that he’s able to keep it up once the league gets a look at him.

    Also, with respect to the fastball, I think 92 is a fine speed as long as his change stays in the 78 MPH range with that movement and he throws it with the same arm action/speed as the fastball. I haven’t seen him enough to know if this is the case, but (obviously) it didn’t seem to be a problem last night.

  • Mike K


    If he gets behind in the count, yes he can throw the change, but players can still sit on it.