Edwar Ramirez promoted, but it’s the wrong move

The Yanks have a lot of good young pitchers...like a whole lot
Despite all his rage, he lives in a big batting cage

From the Post:

The Yankees have promoted 26-year-old right-handed reliever Edwar Ramirez from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, and he will report today to provide support for a bullpen that has been wretched.

To make room for Ramirez, the Yankees are expected to send infielder Chris Basak down to Scranton.

Between Double-A Trenton and Triple-A Scranton, Edwar’s thrown 43.1 innings, allowing only 19 hits and 3 earned runs while striking out 80. Yes, 80 strikeouts in 43.1 IP. He’s been beyond stellar this year, and the call-up is well deserved, but here’s the problem: it’s thw wrong move.

Edwar’s arsenal consists of a good fastball (88-91 mph), a work-in-progress slider and a devastating changeup that he uses to rack up all those strikeouts. He has so much confidence in his changeup that he can double, triple or even quadruple up on it. In fact, his change even started a bench clearing brawl earlier in the year. Here’s the problem though: you know Torre will not use Edwar in any high leverage situations.

Edwar’s going to be the last man out of the ‘pen, and he’ll be given the smallest of chances to prove himself. Ron Villone looks done (like done done), Kyle Farnsworth is a whiny bitch, and Mike Myers is pretty useless, but all 3 of those guys are still on the roster and will get the call out of the ‘pen before Edwar. I generally applaud Brian Cashman’s work, but he goofed up here.

He had a chance to make a drastic roster facelift and possibly light a fire under this team’s ass, but all he did was further weaken the team’s bench (Chris Basak managed to get exactly 1 big league AB during his month long tenure, and he crushed the ball in that AB) and sentence Edwar to Joe Torre’s “only when losing” relief corps. The team needs more offense, so he calls up a reliever.

In a perfect world, I would have liked to have seen Myers and Villone DFA’ed and Johnny Damon sent to the DL with Edwar, Chris Britton (look at me! .063 BAA in the bigs this year!) and Shelley Duncan (does his 19 HR, 58 RBI and .952 OPS do nothing for you Cash???) taking their place.

Yeah, Edwar deserves the call, but it could have gone down in a much better way. This team needs a spark, not a 13th pitcher.

The Yanks have a lot of good young pitchers...like a whole lot
Despite all his rage, he lives in a big batting cage
  • ej877

    Hopefully this move will start a trend to see if some younger players will provice some spark for a second half surge. I cant help but think that the overall poor performance of the previous call ups (Clippard, DeSalvo, Wright, Phillips, etc.) have affected the chances of other players to be promoted and utilized. If they are promoted, I hope it will be done gradually, but soon enough to have an effect this season.

  • Stuart

    Villone and myers get Joe’s loyalty. for what reason who the hell knows..

    know the bench is loaded, thompson, nieves, and wither Cairo or Phillips..

    You are right DFA VIllone and Myers and bring up DUncan and use Ramirez not in the 8th until he proves himself but use him..

    the Yanks are the only team in the league who have absolutley no confidence ever in young guys, they only promote them when they absiolutely have to…..

  • dan

    this looks wrong now, but if he proves himself in those meaningless innings he could get some meaningful work. Remember last year when Villone started as the mop-up guy and by june (maybe earlier) he was pitching in crucial situations. Then Torre blew his arm out by pitching him 2 innings every single day. I dont know if that will happen with Edwar because he’s young (and thats suddenly a bad thing on this team), but it wouldn’t be without precedent.

  • Zack

    Why Britton isn’t ahead of Ramirez boggles the mind, and I would put money on Torre using Ramirez today, only to then banish him to last guy out. But, I think even if Cashman made those moves guys, until Torre is gone, he’d still find ways to avoid it all. He’d pitch Proctor two innings every day and go back to his “big 3” mentality. The big move that has to be made before any other is canning Joe, much as I hate to say it, because its pretty difficult to institute these changes when his push-button managing and total distrust of kids are around…

  • JP

    I agree I’d like to see a couple guys get shit canned for the performance this year but this way at least Edwar gets an opportunity. If he proves himself then you’ll see someone get DFA’d but they’re taking the safe approach in case he doesn’t work out and they still need a relief pitcher from the scrap heep. I’s like to see something more drastic but I guess Cashman needs to watch out for his own job too.

  • The Scout


    What makes you think Torre would be any more willing to use an every day player in a regular role than a new relief pitcher? Either way, the guy goes to the end of the bench to await a rare chance to show what he can do. Torre’s “trust” dictates who he uses.

  • Rich

    As long as Torre keeps his job, nothing they do matters.

    That doesn’t mean you stop making moves.