Futures Game today

"only some freakish unforeseen injury keeps him from being a major leaguer"
Hip hip Wil Nieves

The 9th annual Futures Game takes place today at 4pm EST. Joba Chamberlain last pitched on Tuesday, so you can go ahead and bet your 401k on him throwing an inning today. As you may remember, Phil Hughes got lit up his inning of work last year, coughing up 3 runs to the World Team and was almost decapitated by Jose Tabata.

The game will be on ESPN, so find a comfy chair and watch the best prospects in the game strut their stuff.

"only some freakish unforeseen injury keeps him from being a major leaguer"
Hip hip Wil Nieves
  • http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    It’s on ESPN2, actually. I guess ESPN thinks bowling is more interesting than the Futures Game.

  • C-Note

    Just watched it, JoBa looks in much better shape than any pictures I’ve seen of him– his stuff looks great, the walk was probably nerves and he was ahead of every hitter after than— on the Yanks broadcast mike kay talked about JoBa for a bit, he saif there are MLB scout who think JoBA’s stuff is good enough that if he were brought up tomorrow he’s be a #3 starter- great praise for a 21 year old in his first full season of pro ball— guys on the ESPN 2 broadcast seem to think he was a good guy as well

  • JP

    The results weren’t really what I expected but he looked really good once he settled in. The BA blog is saying he hit 100mph on that strike out pitch. He also threw a 72mph offspead pitch – that’s just nasty


  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    And Buchholz gets taken deep…

  • Stuart

    yeah he looked like he was in good shape..

    these games do not mean much. his velocity and mph differential were very good…..

    hughes and chamberlin duo, not bad…the yanks have not had arms like this in a lont long time…