Gagne heading to Boston?

Goodbye, Scott Proctor
Braves looking to deal Wickman?

The tireless Ken Rosenthal notes that Eric Gagne appears to be Boston-bound. The Red Sox are waiting for Gagne’s medical records and need him to waive his no-trade clause. I don’t really understand this move. The Sox already have a dominant closer in Papelbon and a great bullpen with Okajima, Delcarmen, Kyle Snyder and Javier Lopez. With Brandon Donnelly on the DL, the Sox have the pitching. Considering their needs, whatever they give up is too much, and getting everyone adequate work will now be a challenge for Terry Francona.

Update: Just to stress a point, Jon Daniels is a terrible GM. When the dealings and negotiations for Gagne started, he wanted either Joba or Phil Hughes from the Yanks. Then he said he would take Kennedy or Melky Cabrera straight up. Then he said he would take Alan Horne. So now he’s going to get Kasson Gabbard and Dave Murphy from the Red Sox. That’s poor. He can’t make either of them into a legitimate good player. Terrible trade for the Rangers. But at least the Yanks aren’t giving up too much for Gagne.

Goodbye, Scott Proctor
Braves looking to deal Wickman?
  • Dave

    This would seem to be more to keep him from the Yanks then to do anything for themselves, unless there are medical problems with Paps that they are keeping quite and they are afraid that they need to lower his workload…

  • mg

    I could also see this if they wanted to stretch Pap back out into a starter. I agree this must have been largely about not letting him go to NY. I’m just surprised he agreed to drop into a setup role when he had the option of rejecting the trade.

  • const

    this just sucks.

    not that i envisioned us really winning the division, but that ship has now officially sailed.

  • Freddy

    Looks like they got Gagne to go ahead with the Jermaine Dye for Manny Delcarmen trade. Gagne fills the hole left by Delcarmen.

  • Rick from Boston

    The Yankees can’t be worried about what the Sox are doing. Yes, for the Sox, adding Dye and Gagne are big pieces. However, the Yankees have to be worried about shoring up their own bullpen issues. Hopefully Cashman can fix it without Torre killing someone.

  • Ben K.

    Adding Jermaine Dye at this point in his career isn’t a very big piece. And now the Sox are basically writing off J.D. Drew when they still owe him four years and $56 million.

  • Freddy

    According to ESPN, the Dye trade is dead.

  • Kyle

    I just dont get why Daniels settled for so little. I look at Murphy and Gabbard and see a 4th outfielder and a #5 starter as their upsides.

    Supposedly the Sox also included Engel Beltre, but he is at least 3-4 years away

  • wayne’s world

    i tend to agree with idea that it is pre-emptive to keep him from yanks. that 14-game collapse years ago, along with last august’s five-game sweep at fenway, informs all of the red sox thinking. as far as the sox are concerned, no lead against the yanks is big enough until it’s clinched.

    meanwhile, i hope they don’t let torre ruin another reliever like he did proctor and sturtze. proctor is a great team member and he should have been treated more carefully.

  • NYFan50

    The Sox gave up, like, almost nothing of value in this deal.

  • kris

    This reminds me of the DBacks trading Schilling for Fossum (who? … exactly). J. Daniels, the Rangers GM made this trade to screw us (much like the DBacks did). I hope he ends up screwing the Rangers over too (much like the DBacks did).

  • kris

    I hope Fruit Tease’s will blow up next season after bsox has signed him to a hugh deal as the closer (and ‘stretched’ Paps into a starter) in 2008. Then the bsox will have to ‘shrink’ Paps back into a closer (for the n-th time), blowin up Paps’ shoulder in the process. BuaHaHaHa!

  • JoeT

    How much do you think anyone would give you for a guy who will pitch 20 innings and then become a free agent?

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