Get this guy off the mound and the other one out of the dugout

Fat guy in a little coat...fat guy in a little coat...
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Kyle Farnsworth, “experienced” reliever, just came into a 1-1 game. Three batters later, the score turned in the Blue Jays’ favor. This overpaid piece of crap’s continued presence in close games is the number one reason why Joe Torre shouldn’t be managing and why his managerial decisions are going to cost the Yankees a playoff spot this year. The pieces are there; the strategist on the bench is not.

Fat guy in a little coat...fat guy in a little coat...
Read nothing into Cashman's comments
  • ShawnT

    It’s funny how Torre say he hasn’t shown any inconsistentcy, the only consistintcy of kyle farnsworthless is giving up runs in important situations

  • paul

    this farnsworth bitch needs to get out

  • Malcard89

    i honestly dont know how torre has a job at this moment, he is beyond stupid. and a liar too, consistency my ass.

  • Eric Schultz

    On the contrary Malcard89, Farnsworth’s quite consistent. Consistently awful.

  • ShawnT

    WooHoo we win despite the escapades of joe torre and kyle farnsworth. Even though Luis pitched really well Enter Sandman should have been played in the 10th. 8 games bakk. go Robbieeeee

  • Rick

    Hey give Torre credit on the agressive baserunning by the yankees in the 9th to help tie the game.

  • C-Note

    seven out of division in loss column, six in the wild card(cleveland & Chi tied going into tenth


    hope this good run survives Black Saturday(IGAME & MIghty MATT pitching double header- have bullpen arms ready

    But Yea for the Yanks tonight!!!

  • RJ -Ct

    We’ve all come to learn that Farnsworth can’t be trusted, I’m guessing Torre is watching different games than us, because his use in the 8th inning every game is unexplainable. I 100% agree with Ben, we will be in position to make a run towards a playoff spot, but near the end of the season, when every inning pitched by a reliever is huge, we won’t have a bullpen left because apparently Torre’s goal each and every season is to blow every arm available. He is clueless at managing a pitching staff, it’s almost comical at this point.

  • Andrew

    I was there tonight, and we started booing him as soon as the scoreboard said he was warming up. It was hilarious. Good thing they won despite him.

  • C-Note

    how about Melky- .385 in last ten games, good throws from the outfield and husttle on the basepaths

    Giambi began serious rehab in Tampa yesterday… if Damon keeps playing like shit keep the Milkman in center, Giambi @ DH and use Damon some at first or off the bench or whatever, I can not believe how much this guys skill droped off in a year… it f*cked with the team last year to fit Sheff back into the mix, if the yankees get on a good roll I wouldn’t wanna see them make that same mistake again

  • Luddy Bazcej

    They’ve got to be showcasing Farns, no way they are comfortable using him this frequently. Traded to the Phils before the 31st for Barajas is my guess.

  • Ben K.

    If that’s his showcase, that’s less than impressive.

  • Rex

    Farnsworth is a joke. Eighteen appearances and only once has he retired the side in order. Pitch Ramirez or send him back to triple A, at least there he can get some work. Torre seems lost when it comes to managing his pitchers. Oh yeah, shoot Meyers.

  • Rick from Boston

    I was waiting for Torre to throw a tantrum in the dugout after Farnsworth’s error. Thanks to my cable company’s free showing of the MLB Package, I caught last night’s game. Even Michael Kay – the Yanks version of Peter Gammons – was hesitant to say anything good about Farnsworth. There’s nothing there that’s working.

  • Bart

    This was the 20th game Torre has blown — the team was forunate to recover and did so because of a balk — that kind of luck is needed to win games, series, championships; but the team can’t be expected to live on luck to beat top pitchers at the top of their gsme, and OVERCOME stupid management. Torre’s game vision must be as bad as my granfather’s night vison if he thinks farnswaorth has been anyhting but a dolt — mislocating 2 strike counts is an error not permitted relievers like Farnworth, Rivera, and Proctor – and they have been killers. 68 baserunners in 40 innings is the only data Guidry or Torre should ned to simply STOP. In the last 4 games we have had both Proctor and farnwsworth blowing saves. Vizcaino – with Mario’s tutalege – looks like the most trustworthy of the pen.

    Philips failure to get a bunt down was awful — Posada taking 6 pitches without moving the bat was awful -3 balls followed by three strikes. Taking a straight fastball on a 3-0 count against a pitcher who is dealing is awful — understnadable in the need for baserunners but aginst a pitcher like Halladay maybe a better alternative is to swing at the only hittable pitch you will likely get. Against such a pitcher one swing might be more effective that a walk needing another hit or two to score a run – see ARod and Podada.

  • El Esteroide

    I agree with Rick–you have to give Torre credit for making aggressive calls on the basepaths with the tying run on. The hit and run (even though it failed) and the Cabrera steal put the Yankees into position tie the game, and those calls came from Joe.

    As for his management of the bullpen, it’s almost damned if you do and damned if you don’t for Torre. Either he’s using Farnsworth (which you know is gonna end badly) or he’s pitching Vizcaino every day (which will just end up with his arm reaching critical Quantrill/Villone status.) I do agree that the Yankees need to get Farnsworth out of there, but before they can stop using him they need a viable replacement.

  • Trevor

    Kyle Farnsworth and Joe Torre should be buying me a new tv remote after the abuse it took from watching them fuck up everything.

  • stepheneliot

    I understand that Steinbrenner is making inquiries into seeing that Torre visit a shrink because any man who keeps using Farnsworth in relief must have brain constipation that needs immediate relief. It’s sadly laughable, predicatble and absurd for using this overpaid stiff time and time again when the game is on the line.Of course,we need every W can get at this point in the season so why put this monkey on our back?

  • Matt

    I believe the appropriate phrase is, “the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing but expect different results.” Torre must be insane. But it goes beyond his consistent misuse of Farnsworth. How about Abreu? I think Mr. Abreu has made it clear that he is not a #3 hitter. Yet, as soon as he starts to hit (out of his more comfortable 7th spot in the lineup), Torre moves him back to 3rd. Trying the same thing yet again, and expecting different results. Brief season summary: Torre is insane. Farnsworth is an overpaid idiot who should pitch for the Mets. And Abreu is a gutless failure. We should have known why Philadelphia fans wanted him gone.

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