Goodbye, Scott Proctor

Edes: Gagne may be staying
Gagne heading to Boston?

And hopefully Miguel Cairo, too.

According to ESPN, the Yanks and Dodgers have agreed in principle on a Wilson Betemit for Scott Proctor deal. More details as they’re released.

Update by Ben: A few points: Proctor is returning to Los Angeles. He came over in the deal for Robin Ventura in 2003, and I’m sad to see him go. I’ve always liked his stuff. While his walks are up this year and strike outs are down, I have a feeling that has more to do with the 100+ innings he threw in 2006.

I know a lot of people keep saying that Wilson Betemit is insurance if (or when) A-Rod exercises his opt-out clause. Betemit turned 27 last week and has a career offensive line of .263/.338/.441 in 825 at-bats. Obviously, those numbers don’t even approach A-Rod’s output. Betemit could be used as a chit in a deal for A-Rod’s replacement, but I’m holding out hope that A-Rod stays in the Bronx beyond 2007.

Update by Joe: Just to keep you caught up on the roster implication so far, Mark Feinsand is reporting that the Yanks plan to recall Edwar Ramirez and send down Chris Basak.

Edes: Gagne may be staying
Gagne heading to Boston?
  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Well, wouldn’t it make more sense to send down Basak before DFAing Cairo?

    I think so.

    When Giambi comes back there will be more shuffling…though, I imagine it will be Shelley Duncan who is sent down.

  • Joseph P.

    Yeah, you’d send down Basak first, no doubt.

    But, where you would send down Shelley, I would keep him around for a Glenallen Hill-esque bat off the bench. We don’t need two utility infielders. We do need a guy to take an at bat from Phillips if he’s not hitting at one point or another.

  • mg

    When Giambi comes back I definitely want to see Cairo go and Betemit take over those duties.

  • yankz

    My guess for now is Betemit replaces Basak and Britton replaces Proctor.

    Doesn’t this, coupled with the Gagne deal dead rumors, make Farnsworth a lot less expendable?

  • Joseph P.

    No. Farnsworth will go today if there’s even a tiny market for him.

    For the time being, Betemit will replace Basak. Britton won’t replace Proctor because he’s on the DL with an abdominal strain. I would think Edwar would be back, but they could just go with Karstens at this point.

    Once Giambi is back, the only justifiable move would be to cut Cairo.

  • Stuart

    THey cannot keep Kyle. He is done here.. the players dislike him and he stinks…

    get him to the rockies or anywhere….

  • Gibb

    maybe now that proctor is gone, when Edwar comes back up he will actually be used.

  • Mike K

    No way Cairo is sent down. He’s the only one who can cover the middle infield positions (unless Betemit can), should Jeter/Cano turn an ankle or something. My guess is their bench cut list looks like

    1) Basak
    2) Duncan
    3) Cairo

  • Joseph P.

    Mike K, that’s exactly what Betemit does. He can play all infield positions, and the corner outfield if need be. That’s why wen want to get rid of Cairo, though we know the Yanks are too stubborn to make that move.

  • Dude

    looking at, Betemit has played:
    202 games at 3b
    57 at SS
    12 at 2b
    1 at RF

    So he’s never played 1b, but that should be an easy transition from 3b.

    career OPS of 100. he’s an average hitter, but for a UIF, that’s a lot better than Cairo (76 OPS ). plus betemit is just 25 vs. Cairo, 33, and Proctor 30.

    if Farnsy goes too, it means Torre will rely A LOT on Joba. shit… maybe edwar will get another shot.

  • Ben K.

    Betemit’s official age is all over the place. According to, he’s listed with a birthday of 11/02/1981. ESPN, however, lists 7/28/1980. Considering that these dates have usually fallen on older age of the spectrum in the past, I would be surprised if Betemit is really 25.

  • Dude

    i meant betemit’s career OPS is 100 (not regular OPS).

  • Dude

    the plus sign is getting deleted.
    100 is his career OPS-PLUS, not regular OPS.

  • The Scout

    Betemit’s career stats show a disturbing downward trend — his average has fallen over the years, while is ratio of K:AB has risen alarmingly. This suggests that pitchers have found and exploited his weakensses and he hasn’t been able to adjust.

  • Dude

    Ben, from Bullpen:
    “Note: On some sites, notably and, Wilson Betemit’s age is listed wrong. B-Ref has it right [Nov 2, 1981]. Betemit went through reverse age-gate back in 2000.”

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