Hip hip Wil Nieves

Futures Game today
Juan Miranda is a BEAST

Jorge Posada caught a marathon of a game on Friday night. Then he caught 13 innnings of a Saturday day-game-after-a-night-game. Now, he’s back in the lineup tonight and behind the plate. Sure, tomorrow begins the All Star break. But if Joe Torre can’t find a way to rest Posada with Nieves on the bench for a game this weekend, then the Yanks need a new backup catcher.

Futures Game today
Juan Miranda is a BEAST
  • http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    We needed a new backup catcher in April.

  • Rich

    The marginal roster construction of this year’s team has been abysmal.

  • David

    Hey, does anybody know why Proctor was pitching with a 12-run lead today? Did he need the work – he’s only pitched in, what, MORE THAN HALF of the games this season. Jeez. When his elbow or shoulder blows out can he sue Torre for future earnings lost?

  • Luddy Bazcej

    More horrible general manager mismanagement.

    Nieves is worthless as a major leaguer. I wouldn’t have minded keeping Josh Phelps as backup catcher, at least he can hit a bit. There’s gotta be more out there than Wil Nieves. No disrespect, I’m sure he’s a good guy.

    If we can’t get somebody in to spell Posada he’s going to be totally burnt out by the end of the season. If we make the playoffs that’s going to be a big issue.

    Also, there was no reason why Proctor should have been pitching yesterday. More overuse by Torre. Inexplicable. At least throw out a somewhat fresher arm. And while our decent arms get used up, Brower and Britton continue to throw well to the benefit of our AAA affiliate rather than for our major league club.

    And dont get me started on why Shelley Duncan is STILL there.


  • RobinCT

    12-0 lead. Jorge still catching, Proctor in to pitch. It was one of those WTF?! moments.

    Nieves is utterly useless.

    Proctor is somewhat useful, provided his arm remains attached to his body.