Hughes on verge of Bronx return


If all goes well in his rehab start this evening for Scranton, Phil Hughes, the New York Post reports, will start on Saturday against the Royals just as I predicted. I’ll of course update you on Hughes’ start as soon as we know how it went.

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  • NYFan50


  • The Scout

    Michael Kay reported during the Sunday game that the Yankees are moving Joba Chamberlain to the bullpen in Scranton. If the transition works, he’ll clearly be in the Brinx within a few weeks.

  • dan

    is this the right move? could this be bad for joba long term even if it helps the yankees this year? i think it increases his risk of injury, simply because his arm isnt used to it, if torre mis-uses him

  • jon

    kay said he heard it from 2 emails. is this info reliable? i know they are thinking of moving him to the pen for the stretch run here but i havent seen news anywhere else of his official move to the pen.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Steven White will start tomorrow for Scranton, Joba’s scheduled to relieve. Supposedly.

  • dan

    woah mike, long time no see. I hope cashman or contreras or someone upstairs lays out a usage plan for joba that torre can stick to. we are all well aware what torre can do to a reliever’s arm when given free reign.