In which I don’t mention the A-Rod injury

Karma's a bitch, A-rod learns the hard way
What a difference 52 years makes

D’oh. Too late.

Anyway, the boys looked good last night. Even in the innings where they weren’t scoring, they were hammering the ball, racking up 12 hits and a few long fly balls. Hell, the only out Abreu made last night was a fly ball to the wall. No, I will not change my stance on him because of one game. But I sure as hell appreciated that upper deck blast. Cano looked sharp, too, hitting the ball very hard on the only out he made in the game. He drew a walk, too, which is just mind boggling.

The story of the game, though, was Roger. That’s the guy we’re paying $28 million. Eight innings, one run, two hits (both to lead off innings), four strikeouts, one walk. That’s it. The walk, unfortunately, eventually led to the only run of the game, but hey, we’ll take it. He threw 67 of his 97 pitches for strikes, which puts a huge smile on my face. Check out his previous game:

June 9 vs. PIT (W): 108-69 (64%)
June 15 vs. NYM (L): 108-67 (62%)
June 21 @ COL (L): 90-55 (61%)
June 27 @ BAL (L) 93-55 (59%)
July 2 vs. MIN (W) 97-67 (69%)

Does this mean that Clemens will continue to throw a ton of strikes? Well, that’s how he’s advertised himself. Everyone has said that once Rocket finds his pinpoint control, you’ll see the difference. Well, we saw pinpoint control last night, and we saw a difference. Count my as psyched to see him next time out.

And really, there’s not much else to tell. The Yanks left 12 men on base, seven of which were in scoring position with two outs (and four of those were Matsui’s fault). A team like this is going to leave a ton of men on base, so that’s not a huge issue. It is, however, horribly frustrating when they score two runs and leave those 12 men on base.

Carlos Silva vs. CMW tonight. He hasn’t been horrible this season, but he did get hit hard by the Blue Jays last time out. Let’s win this one for Alex!

Karma's a bitch, A-rod learns the hard way
What a difference 52 years makes
  • b/c

    I think t is imperetive that Cash talk to A Rod and see if he would be wiling ti be traded and then resign after the season.

    Slim chance, but it would be a great move.

    Figure Andy Laroche, Billingsley, Broxton and see if there is any possability of Kershaw.

    Or Wood, Weaver, Aybar

    At least try for it.

  • Stuart

    Dodgers have a good package to order but Browxton will not be in it…..

    He is there 8th inning guy..laroche ,billingsley and another good player yes, not Broxton.. I live in LA…

  • Stuart

    i maenat to offer, sorry..

  • Rich

    Why would Rodriguez agree to a trade and/or also agree to sign with the Yanks if he’s traded? How is it an advantage to him?