Injury updates: A-Rod, Giambi, Hughes

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We’re still tied at five at the Stadium. I’m sure I’ll spend plenty of time ragging on Kei Igawa later on, but let’s get to some more optimistic news.

A-Rod is to undergo an MRI today — though he was in the dugout, so maybe it happened already. We’ll update this section when we hear the results.
Update: From the YES postgame: MRI came back negative. Expect A-Rod to play tomorrow night.

Giambi is out of the boot and will be reevaluated. He’s got an MRI coming that will determine when he’ll be back (and boy could we use him).

Hughes is throwing BP today in Tampa, and is on target to start a rehab assignment soon:

I mentioned Hughes earlier, and there’s some good news on that front—he could start a rehab assignment next week. His ankle is healed, so now the biggest challenge for him is rebuilding his stamina. If he starts next week, he could be back in The Bronx before we flip the calendar, but expect a very deliberate, conservative plan for him.

All in all, we’re sitting on some decent news. Updates if any come later today.

News via Pete Abraham and Will Carroll.

Update by Mike: While we’re on the topic of injured players, I might as well mention this little tidbit from Kat O’Brien over at Newsday:

Jeff Karstens (broken leg) is not yet throwing batting practice, but is throwing from a mound.

Doug Mientkiewicz (broken wrist) and Darrell Rasner (fractured finger) are scheduled to go to Tampa at the All-Star break for further rehab.

Getting players healthy is always a good thing; even if no one has any friggin’ idea where they’ll play once they’re ready to do so.

Vote for Joba!
  • John

    If Joe likes Melky’s defense in center more than Damon’s (see the switch for the 9th of today’s game), could we see Damon at first when Giambi gets back? He played 1B in yesterday’s game…

  • Mike A.

    The Red Sox will rue not running away with the division when they had the chance. They should be up by 18-20 games right now with how many injuries the Yanks had, and just how poorly they played overall.