• b/c


    haven’t seen that from a yankeespitcher in a while

  • yankz

    Steve Phillips fucking ruined it. Does he actually think he’ll get a GM job somewhere?

  • Mac

    Did I see a 72mph pitch in there to Ballantien? What was that? Changeup?

    That’s pretty sick– a live high 90’s fastball AND a low 70’s off-speed pitch? Doesn’t also happen to have a good slider? Anybody got some ratings on his pitches, like 20-80?

  • C-Note

    Steve Phillips job on ESPN basically amoounts to promoting himself and trying to make you think he didn’t fuck up when he failed to sign A-Rod even when the Mets were his first choice that winter— the guy is total yuppie scum, all style(and a bad one at that) & no substance

    JoBA looked good though, fast & not too fat

    Does anybody else wish Yes would broadcast some minor league games- even on taped delay- so we could see JoBA Kennedy Horne Kontos Tabata etc– instead of re-runs of CenterStage with Whoppi Goldberg???

    I live in the Hudson Valley and my local cable station with NO budget broadcasts a bunch of the Hudson Valley Renegades(tampa bay short season A-ball) Games— my only chance to see yanks minor league stuff is there

    look, they can have a two camera set-up and show the games whenever- they want us to be excited about these young players but it’s ridiculous they have their own network but I’ve seen a total of one inning of JoBA Kennedy & Horne pitching combined- JoBa outting today…

  • CB

    Saw this from a poster over at Pending Pinstripes. Interesting note about Joba from the Baseball America Live blog during the futures game:

    “Chamberlain touched 100 mph with one of his fastballs, at least according to the stadium radar gun, which is a tick or two faster than the ESPN gun. Otherwise he was in the 95-97 range.”

    Also, there was a nice segment on the Baseball America podcast this week about Edwar.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

    C-Note, I agree about YES showing minor league games. They have a lot of repeats (Centerstage, Yankees Classics, Yankeeography) that I can’t imagine garner much in the way of ratings. Now with all the excitement surrounding the Yankee prospects, one would think that they would start showing some games. Hopefully they will.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    If I remember correctly, YES broadcasted a bunch of SI Yanks games last summer. Maybe the ratings weren’t as high as they hoped and they cut the program. Who knows. But if there is a true market for minor league games, I’m sure YES will be broadcasting them at some point.

  • C-Note

    It’s as much an investment in the future as anything- if they wanna generate excitment over these guys when they come up it would be easier if we were able to see they beforehand — I deal with suits everyday, don’t be so sure YES will broadcast games if there is a market for them, there is, and it’s July 9th and they haven’t shown us shit

  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    If I remember correctly, YES broadcasted a bunch of SI Yanks games last summer.

    “Minor League Mondays”

    They did it for 2 seasons I think. They played Clipper games when there was no one exciting there, and they played SI games when no one exciting was there.

    Now though, you probably can’t go wrong with a Trenton game.