Joba, Mini-Moose up; Clippard, Wright down

DotF: Everyone loses except the team that counts
Overcoming eight games of bad luck

Lots of prospects on the move yesterday, as Ed Price of The Star-Ledger reported.

The Yanks sent the struggling duo of Chase Wright and Tyler Clippard back down to AA Trenton. Neither had been pitching well at AAA after struggling in the Bronx earlier this season. They’ll both have to overcome a bit of adversity to come back to the Bigs. I think Clippard’s best use right now is a trade chip.

But more important were the call ups. Both Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy, two young hurlers who started the season at A ball, were sent up to Scranton to fill those two roster spots. Are the Yanks eying September call ups for one or both? Will Joba really be tagged for a bullpen spot in the Bronx in a few weeks?

Only time will tell, but this is an exciting time for the two best arms outside of Phil Hughes (and possibly the injured Humberto Sanchez) in the Yankee organization. The right players on the way up.

Meanwhile, in other news, Steven Jackson is headed from AAA to AA, Kevin Whelan from A to AA, and Brett Smith, who’s been pretty decent, is heading to A from AA. Big moves all around.

DotF: Everyone loses except the team that counts
Overcoming eight games of bad luck
  • Malcard89

    To add even more mystery to the AAA promotions, do you think its possible that this will lead to Joba’s call up in relief, and then that will lead to him auditioning for future closer of the Yankees? Rivera’s contract is up after this year, and if we resign him he’s going to get too many years at way too high a price, so i wouldnt be totally opposed to Joba closing.

  • Kyle

    I would be very opposed to Joba closing.

    IMHO you dont take a guy who could be a very good #2 starter and stick him as the closer. Mariano was only moved to closer because he couldnt cut it as a starter. A good #2 starter is A LOT more valuable then a good closer

  • Joseph P.

    I do think we’ll see Joba in relief this September, but long term, you have to think of him as a starter until he proves otherwise.

  • C-Note

    JoBa the Hut is in his 4th year of pitching seriously

    I repeat, JoBA is in his 4TH year of taking pitching seriously…

    and he’s at AAA… for the Yanks,

    and considered one of the top pitching prospects in the game


    HE WILL DEVELOP 3rd & 4th pitches

    THIS MAN WILL BE AT THE TOP OF THE ROTATION with PHIL & WANG and wear many rings before all is said and done

  • NYFan

    Pete Abe said today: “Rumors perist that Chamberlain could be put in Joe Torre’s bullpen. But Brian Cashman has said he will remain a starter in the minors and this promotion would seem to confirm that.”

  • Mike A.


    Isn’t that what we’re supposed to say when the Yanks promote guys?

  • Barry

    I think they moved him up to check consistency of numbers based on talent of the batters. I doubt that he’ll be in the bullpen by the end of the year, he might be a starter next year to fill in the obvious holes. We’ll see, I agree with earlier posters that making a great SP prospect a CL is stupid and has a bad payoff in the long run.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    I have to agree that Joba will see the bullpen this year. Mariano will be re-signed this off-season and continue to pitch for the yankees. Joba is not a long term middle reliever though, he will be a very good starter unless his weight becomes and issue and he has an injury. While I don’t think the yankees would be opposed to starting two rookies in the rotation it makes it tough as they have not built up the innings yet on their arms so i’m not sure how much gas each would have at the end of the year if they had to throw 200 innings in 2008.

    My thought on the 2008 rotation for opening day is:

    Unless of course Joba does get called up this year, then I think fills into Karsten’s spot and Karsten become the long reliever. Kennedy will fill in for who ever gets hurt first.

    Unless Igawa proves something quickly I think he gets traded this offseason or midseason next year to a west coast team with a big ballpark where his fly ball tendencies wont hurt him as much.

  • Ben K.

    Pettite’ Stare:

    You’re awfully generous. Igawa as even a possibility? And Mussina ranked above Hughes? No way.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    I didn’t rank them in order of how good they will be, I ranked them in the way that the manager will probably have them start. Mussina will get the nod just based on experience. Igawa I put in there cause of the monetary investment. I hope he doesn’t pitch you know if they don’t trade him they wont let him sit in the minors long.

  • Ben K.

    Ah, gotcha. My mistake. I think we’re overstating the monetary investment in Igawa. The posting fee sucks, but that’s a one-time fee. The contract is for $4 million a year. The Yanks can easily write it off. Or foist it on some team willing to deal with this project.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    I think this has more implications for 2008 than it does for 2007.

    I think promoting them both now with more than a month left in the AAA season, the Yankees are giving them an opportunity to dominate and possibly win a rotation spot out of Spring Training next season.

    For a spot start, I don’t think the Yankees mind too much bringing a player up from AA (see Wright, Chase), but to actually get a spot in the rotation, I think they want their players to have some time in AAA.

    The Yankees are giving them time now.

    I wonder though, if the Yankees would really have 3/5 of their rotation being Hughes/Chamberlain/Kennedy. Three, for all intents and purposes, rookies. Seems a bit too daring/rebuildingish for the Yankees to me…

  • Kyle

    I agree Jeteupthemiddle, I would love to see it but I doubt Torre would like it. I figure next year starts:


    The last one will depend on spring training and the organizations development plans for the guys. Personally I think Kennedy will get it with Karstens as the long man. That means Chamberlain may have to wait for Mussina to get hurt or suck so much he loses his spot before he gets his chance

  • dan

    Jete: i agree with what you say at the end. they wont go with all 3 to start the season simply because they don’t have enough faith in rookies winning opening day spots. the young guys on this team were called up mostly in-season or were given roles of little importance to start the year. melky last year in may, cano/wang 2005 mid-season, proctor was a long-reliever who worked his way up the food-chain. You can make a case for henn being an exception, but he wasn’t given a real shot at proving himself. In all likelihood they will start the season with only hughes in the rotation of the 3 big guns. When someone gets hurt or just plain sucks (igawa), joba comes up. then mid-season if everyone is still healthy (what a thought), they could trade mussina to free up a spot for kennedy. I think that by the end of july 2008 at the latest, hughes/joba/kennedy will all be in the rotation to stay.

    Another note: why wasn’t horne promoted if theyre making these moves now? Is his promotion just being delayed until hughes/karstens are off the scranton roster, or is there something more to it?

  • dan

    kyle, why you think kennedy will earn the rotation spot over joba?

  • Steve A

    Another option in the Karstens/Igawa #5 spot would be Rasner, who pitched pretty well in NY before he got hurt.

  • dan

    upon first reading that, i figured i’d go on a rant about how rasner sucks and has no future. but then i realized that’s just because i’m getting a little spoiled looking at how good kennedy/joba/hughes have been. rasner could be a viable option for the simple fact that he doesn’t get bombed. he has very good control and keeps the ball in the park (he’s the antigawa). with that in mind, i think he’s the 3rd option to have a rotation spot right out of spring training. once the season starts, however, the calls to scranton will be for joba and IPK