Joba’s makin’ it look easy

Down on the Farm: Jo-ba! Jo-ba!
And you thought baseball had a drug problem

In his AAA debut tonight, Joba Chamberlain made it look easy. He went 5 innings, giving up 4 hits and 1 walk. He allowed no runs and 10 of his 15 outs came via the good ol’ strike out. So that line looks like this: 5, 4, 0, 0, 1, 10. So much for that three home run start in Trenton last week. For on-the-scenes reporting and analysis, check out the game post at the SW-B Yankees blog. Now the Yanks have two pitchers at AAA who are better than Kei Igawa.

Down on the Farm: Jo-ba! Jo-ba!
And you thought baseball had a drug problem
  • Bill

    I’d say SWB has 4 pitchers better than Igawa at the moment. Hughes, Karstens, Joba and Kennedy.

  • Ben K.

    And while we’re at it, half the bullpen too is probably better than Igawa. But for the rhetorical use here, I mean Hughes and Joba.

  • Bill

    haha gotcha Ben. Well at least tommorow is the last time we’ll see the kei-man for awhile.

  • randolf


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  • Nick

    Bringing Chamblerain up along with Hughes is vital for the Yankees winning a 10th straight division title.

    Check out my 3 part plan right here:

  • C-Note

    There’s a question now on peoples minds…

    since Joba is weeks or even days from THE SHOW, who will have the next WATCH????

    Ian and Horne are really close at this point(i think Horne will be in AAA in 10 days or so)

    more fun to see someone advance…

    Betances is Raw and his watch might last 5 years

    Jario Heredia is my favorite teen pitcher on the Yankees and polished, but still only 17

    T-Clip & Chase are going in the wrong direction

    Kontos has talent but not JoBa, PHIL talent

    Christian Garcia’s TJ rehab is going well, he has great stuff and will be pitching with the chance to advance next year…

    Robertson????? He should be in trenton soon and could see the SHOW in 2008 if he keeps these ridiculous numbers going

    Can it be a position player??? Action Jackson & Tabata will both start next year at trenton….. ETA on Tabata midseason call-up 09′?

    Interesting call for the fellas at RAB, looking forward to seeing who you decide

  • dan

    good question c-note. If brackman doesnt have TJ surgery then i’d say he’s a good choice as far as pitchers go. possible hitters could be miranda, duncan, tabata, a-jax. i think everyone wants a guy who wont take 5 years, but also a guy who wont be there in 5 weeks. they could go with horne as a semi-short term guy, he wont be in the bigs until mid-season 2008 at the earliest simply because of the guys in front of him. then the new player watch would be decided once someone establishes himself as the RAB top-dog. in a less wordy version: let horne have it next, once he graduates make a decision

  • Joseph P.

    The question of who has the next “watch” is the greatest in the history of this blog. I love our farm system.

  • Yanks26

    What I love about both Joba & Phil is that reportely when they get into trouble, they slow down and use their change more and become more deliberate. They don’t get excited and overthrow (and implode) like Contreas used to when he came up.

    This is a trait of a champion, like the great Mariano, Jeters or the Michael Jordans of the world.

    Do you remember when the next wave of superstar pitchers were Sam Militello, Sterling Hitchock and Mark Hutton. That was more the Yanks PR machine than the true talent like we have now.

  • The Scout

    If the Yankees do intend to have Joba pitch this season in relief, I would expect him to begin throwing from the bullpen in Scranton in the near future. It doesn’t make sense to throw him into a new role in the Bronx with no experience. So a tip-off about their plans would be seeing Joba work out of the bullpen ust after the trade deadline.

    Jose Tabata is my candidate for the next watch, just for the change-of-pace to a position player. Unless he’s trade for Texeira….

  • Yanks26

    For another change-of-pace, position player, I’ll go with Juan Miranda to step into a platoon with Andy Philips at first base.

    Austin Jackson and Tabata are on the right track but two years away.

  • Blake

    Zach McAllister would be a nice guy to watch, but he is a bit far away next year maybe. Miranda sounds good because he is pretty close to coming up.

  • C-Note

    BLAKE- yea, I thought of McAllister too, his mechanics and stuff are more polished that Betances and he has the chance to move up through the system very quickly, but you’re right , he’s still far away and as stocked as we are right now he might move “quickly” but he won’t be rushed

    Horne or Miranda might be fun because their is a good chance to THE SHOW sometime next year(although there is a chance of Horne being one of the dozen guys who might get a sept call -up)

    DAN makes a good point, someone like Horne or Miranda who is close and then next year choose from Garcia, McAllister, Kontos, Brackman, etc….

  • C-Note

    with the whole Randy Johnson trade argument yesterday it reminded me of what can happen when you are unable to evaluate your own talent…
    FACT- in 1993, the trading deadline, the Yanks said NO to a trade with Seattle for Randy Johnson- at the time RJ was about a .500 career pitcher. the Yanks didn’t wanna give up the JEWELS of their system… the names of these future Yankee greats? Mark Hutton & Domingo Jean-

    that one might’ve worked out OK for us…

  • C-Note

    I think JoBA’s AAA career is off to a better start than Clay D. Buchholz, don’t ya think?

    BTW- I took a lot of shit a few weeks back when I pointed out that at the time Buchholz & Horne had very similiar stats @ AA and no one was regarding Horne on that level— I was told that Buchholz was 22 and Horne 24 and that was huge difference in prospects… I just looked on line, freaking Buchholz turns 23 in like two weeks! there’s less that a 1 1/2 difference between him and my man HORNE and look at the numbers, even with Horne having two rough outtings before the last one he’s still having a sick year and VERY close number to Bucholz who GETS ALL THE HYPE!!!!! 17 months is that big a difference? I can understand if we were talking July 2nd signings the differnce bewteen a 16 year old and someone whose 17 years and 5 months… but as of Aug one cat(Buchholz) is 23 and Horne is still 24… I’m telling ya Horne has a chance

    The big difference in ages in that PHIL H was killing AA @ 19 & Joba @ 21

    sorry, just needed to get that off my chest

  • Mike NYY

    I think the next “Watch” should go to Brett Gardner

  • randolf

    Another thins that is very good about PHIL and Joba is their humbleness. Both players are just good guys that know their the best but dont say it, all they care about is doing the best they can. The last thing you want is an asshole.

  • C-Note

    I think Brett could (should be up Sept 1st)