More praise for the Yankees’ young arms


“The system is now one of the stronger ones in the minor leagues, and at some point, as those players become major-league-ready, the Yankees will have the most deadly combination of depth of young talent combined with elite payroll resources at the major league level.”

That sure-to-get-a-smile quote comes courtesy of Indians’ GM Mark Shapiro, a guy who knows a thing or two about building great teams. Go read this article by Tyler Kepner in today’s NY Times, you won’t be disappointed.

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  • C-Note

    great article— it’s hard to dispute what the yanks are doing with their young pitchers, especially in TRENTON, thanks mike A… seems like there is industry wide buzz over JoBA & his stuff, especially after yesterday — loved the props tim rock raines was giving Kennedy, Raines was always my favorite non-yankees when he was with the Expos & great on those championship teams- seems like Kennedy doesn’t get the respect he should be getting with the numbers he is putting up — what the trenton pitchers have reminds me of when the Braves had all those arms at once and they would feed off of each other

    and Horne still needs to be in SCRANTON

  • NYFan

    Keith Law had good things to say after the Futures game about Joba as well.