Photos from Old Timers’ Day

Grading the SWB Yankees
The Phil Hughes Rehab Extravaganza hits Trenton

Monument Park comes alive as the Yankee greats don their retired numbers again.

On Saturday, Joe and I went to Old Timers’ Day. While the Yanks lost an uninspiring game in 13 innings, the Old Timers’ Day festivities were entraining. Scott Brosius and Paul O’Neill, reminders of the glory days (as Bruce sang over the loud speaker), made their Old Timers’ Day debuts. During the introductions, I snapped a full flickr photo set.

The day was filled with fond memories of Yankee past. Five of the Old Timers – Jim Leyritz, Darryl Strawberry, Homer Bush, Brosius and O’Neill – were younger than the Yanks’ starting pitcher that day. With John Sterling and Michael Kay emcee-ing, the Yankees honored the 1977 World Series team.

Mike Pagliarulo, a terrible player but fan favorite, showed up. Scott Brosius looked happy to be back. And Paul O’Neill got the biggest ovation of the day.

Bobby Murcer got a big round and looked frail compared to the other Yankees. And Reggie looked very much the part of Reggie.

So for more shots of the game and the players, click here. Good times all around.

Grading the SWB Yankees
The Phil Hughes Rehab Extravaganza hits Trenton
  • Marsha

    Great pix. Seeing Scott Brosius’ smiling face made my day.

  • Mike from CT (formerly of DC)

    How do they decide who gets an invite to this thing?

    Homer Bush he had 82 at bats with the Yankees. Basically, if you have ever worn a Yankee uniform, you can come?

  • Mike from CT (formerly of DC)

    Sorry, he had 89 at bats, missed the 7 ABs he had in 2004.

  • mg

    It was great seeing Whitey and Yogi and the rest. I didn’t get any good pictures. Cell phone cam. Go figure. Nice to see someone else got good shots.

  • Patrick

    Nice pictures.

  • Mike A.

    What the…what happened to all of Reggie’s hair???

    And I’m sorry, but everytime I take a quick glance at that picture, I can’t help but think that Donnie is grabbing Guidry’s ass.

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