Red Sox/Indians series mean Yanks need to win

House hunting with the Rodriguez's
DotF: Everyone loses except the team that counts

The Indians, whose 34 home wins puts them second in the Majors, host the Red Sox this week while the Yanks are playing the red-hot Kansas City Royals. The Yanks need to keep on winning (obviously), but it’s always a conundrum when two teams holding down playoff spots face off. Which team should root for? Well, in this case, I have to say the Indians. If the Yanks can take 3 out of 4 from the Royals, and the Indians can take 3 out of 4 from the Red Sox, the Yanks would stay 6.5 games back in the Wild Card and move 5.5 games behind Boston. But if not, as long as the Yanks win, they’ll gain ground on some team in front of them this week.

House hunting with the Rodriguez's
DotF: Everyone loses except the team that counts
  • dan

    the title of this should just be “yankees need to win.” oh wait, we said that in april, may, and june too didnt we?

  • Ben K.

    Well, that does go without saying, Dan. The Yanks always need to win. It’s more important this week, it seems.

  • dan

    cano and bj upton shared the AL player of the week award. cano we see all the time, but look at the year upton is having. .339/.423/.576 = holy crap. I don’t actually know how it’s humanly possible to have a .466 BABIP after 236 AB’s, but even considering that he’s having a ridiculous year

  • Kyle

    The BABIP is high but you should expect Upton to have a pretty high BABIP, he is hitting line drives in about 21% of his plate appearances, and with his speed a .350/.360 BABIP wouldnt be that outrageous at all, adjusting the BABIP to the .360 range would knock his BA down to like .280

  • John

    Where do you guys find BABIP listed?

  • dan
    (click “stats,” not the player’s name, to see stats in number form, if you click the name, they will appear in a graph, hence the name fangraphs)
    awesome site btw

  • Joseph P.

    You can also find BABIP at Baseball Prospectus.

  • C-Note

    root for Cleveland to beat the shit out of the Sox, Cleveland has a MUCH more difficult schedule the rest of the way, while the sox schedule is comperable to the yanks in terms of playing teams with winning records(SOX have 15 games left with Tampa, hopefully the Rays can out slug the sox to win some of those)

  • NYFan50

    Things don’t look good for Cleveland in the early going.

  • C-Note

    well, it works out either way– GO SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike R.

    The Dynamic Duo hits Scranton!!! Looks like Kennedy and Joba are taking their show to AAA. Credit Pending Pinstripes for finding the story.

  • Mac

    Yeah…um… holy crap.

  • Mike A.

    Move summary:

    – Joba & Kennedy from AA to AAA

    – Clippard & Chase Wright & Steven Jackson from AAA to AA

    – Kevin Whelan from A to AA

    – Brett Smith from AA to A (2.97 ERA…ouch)

    Lots of people told me I was nuts when I said Kennedy could be in line for a Sept 2007 call-up last offseason.