So long, Kei, and thanks for the memories

An A-Rod Prediction
In July, Yanks win a hairy June game

We’re hearing word that Kei Igawa has been sent down to the 7th circle of Hell the Minors and Chris Basak is up.

If true – and I’ll post a link when we can confirm it – Basak is a short-term solution. He’ll be here filling a hole until the Yanks activate Phil Hughes next week.

No one in the Bronx will miss Kei Igawa.

Update: Newsday’s Kat O’Brien has visual confirmation that Kei and his interpretor were packing their bags today.

Update 2: The Star Ledger’s Ed Price has a great quote from the departing Igawa. “I’m going to continue hard at Triple-A,” he said.”Each time I pitch, I’m learning more about what it takes to become a consistent pitcher on this league.” I guess he’s a bit of a slow learner.

An A-Rod Prediction
In July, Yanks win a hairy June game
  • Julie


  • marc

    about damn time would’ve been a start ago…

  • Brian

    Thank God.

  • Mike R.

    I just heard that Buster Olney is saying that teams have called the Yankees inquiring about Igawa. They believe that Kei just needs a bigger ballpark.

  • Ben

    I hope he can develop a little more in AAA. He was hitting 91 on the Royals Network gun with his FB, and he’s got an array of offspeed stuff, so if he can develop better control and place his pitches in better locations, it seems like he should be able to pitch in the MLs.

    Hopefully, not for us, though! I can’t say I’m sad to see him go…

  • dan

    Mike R.– Does he need to pitch in Petco with outfield walls as high as the green monster to be successful? I doubt anyone actually wants him for the pitcher he is, theyre probably hoping to remake him like the yankees tried and failed to do.

  • randolf

    Peace mofugga

  • Kevin

    I would love to know what the offers for Igawa are right now. I feel like we need to hold out for at least two bags of balls and an up and coming bat boy.