Sometimes, it’s just not fair

Grading and projecting the Yanks
Slow news day: let's talk about Piazza

I present to you the probable pitching matchups for Double-A Trenton’s 4-game set with Double-A New Hampshire this weekend:

Thursday: Ian Patrick Kennedy vs Ricky Romero (1.72 WHIP, 4.11 ERA)

Friday: Phil Hughes vs Ismael Ramirez (1.80 WHIP, 5.54 ERA)

Saturday: Joba Chamberlain vs Eric Fowler (1.63 WHIP, 6.00 ERA)

Sunday: Alan Horne vs Kyle Yates (1.53 WHIP, 5.04 ERA)

So um . . . yeah . . . should be an interesting series . . .

(FYI: you can watch Saturday’s game online for free via CN8)

Grading and projecting the Yanks
Slow news day: let's talk about Piazza
  • yankz

    OK, so AAA didn’t turn out the way everyone planned. But that has to be the best 4some to ever occupy a AA roster.

  • Greg G.

    Mike — do you know who’s going to follow Hughes on his rehab start? One of the starters?

  • Mike A.

    That’s a good question Greg, it’ll probably be either Jason Jones or Brett Smith. I’m guessing Smith because he’s actually a part of the 5-man rotation and that would be his day to start. I could be wrong though…

  • dan

    this is just funny

  • ShawnT

    That Rotation would be unfair against the Devil Rays. Whats Hughes Pitch Count for friday?

  • Joseph P.

    45-50 is the pitch count I heard. Boo-urns.

  • Chris

    Saturday’s game will be televised on CN8.

  • Greg G.

    Thanks, Mike. I was just getting a little greedy: I’m going to the game and was pulling for a Hughes/IPK or Hughes/Joba daily double.


    Hey, I also just noticed that Brett Gardner is up to AAA, and Sardinha was sent down.

  • Brian

    Heading to Trenton tomorrow to see Hughes, can’t wait. Hopefully he’ll stretch those 45-50 into 6 innings.