Teixeira packing for Atlanta

Just in case you missed the news on Ohlendorf
Rumors: Melky for Gagne

According to Ken Rosenthal, “the deal is done”. All that remains is the medical review of each player.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, A-level shortstop Elvis Andrus, and two pitching prospects are headed to Texas. No word on whether that includes Kyle Davies or Matt Harrison. The Rangers will also receive reliever Ron Mahay in the deal.

Just in case you missed the news on Ohlendorf
Rumors: Melky for Gagne
  • Mike

    Met fans, commence pants crapping.

  • Matt L

    holy crap they traded Salty and Andrus, that is huge. Andrus is like our Tabata.

  • Kyle

    Except Andrus hasnt hit anywhere

  • Marc

    I’d still love to pry Salty away from texas… they do need pitching and last time i checked we have plenty.

  • Malcard89

    WOW, Atlanta wuz ROBBED! Salty will probably hit as good as Jason Varitek in his prime, maybe even at catcher. Andrus has potential. Atlanta can’t afford Teixiera after 2008 anyway. This is just unfair, why can’t the Yankees ever get offered no-brainer deals like this? :(

  • Marcus

    Umm….the Abreu trade wasn’t a no-brainer?

  • Stuart

    Bad trade for the ATl.. The Atl. feels the Mets are not that good and they can win the division this yr…

    Good trade for Texas in the long run, they also have a big HR guy at Oklahoma CIty to take over 1b(I forget his name) but he is a good prospect..

    Texas is going no where but getting some prospects.. they still need pitching prospects….

  • Malcard89

    That Abreu trade was like a free agent signing with the low level prospects we gave up. But it cost us a lot of money, whereas Texas now has one solid major leaguer (and maybe an All-Star) and one good prospect for someone they couldn’t afford anyway, and they shed $8 Million in payroll. I mean hey, Giambi only has a year left on his contract (albeit with a lot more money for that year), and no teams are interested in him?

  • rbizzler

    Giambi and Tex aren’t really comparable. Tex is a switch-hitting slugger entering his prime, who plays excellent defense at first. He also stands to make less than 10 million next year. The Giambino is an aging, broken down, overpaid (22 million next year) DH. Big difference. ATL paid the price, but there is also the possibility that they know something about Andrus that no one else does. Remember the Tim Hudson trade from Oakland? Consensus at the time was that the A’s made out, but every prospect the Braves gave up did not pan out long term (Juan Cruz, Dan Meyer).

  • NYFan50

    Entering his prime with 13 home runs on the year…the guy has hit more than 40 homers once. He’s good, but the guy is not the superstar he’s made out to be.