• dan

    with all the gagne hoopla i almost forgot about the return of Phil. More attention should be paid to the addition of phil than to the “loss” of gagne (although they never had him to lose anyway)

  • NYFan50

    Don’t forget the imminent addition of Joba to the pen.

    My only lament – Kyle is still on this team.

  • Motown Yankees Fan

    Great picture. Great.

  • mg

    That’s just an awesome picture of Phil Franchise.

  • dan

    This really is an awesome picture. If only these kinds of pictures existed for the minor leaguers on the “_____watch”

  • The Scout

    I give Cashman credit for not pushing the panic button. His job is on the line this year, and many GMs would trade the future for the chance to win now. He did not abandon the organization’s commitment to build from within. Since I’ve been sharply critical of some of his past decisions at the major-league level, I want to applaud him for not overpaying at the deadline.

    Now if he can just figure out a way to get rid of Farnsworth….

  • mg

    Apparently the Padres showed interest in Igawa and were told he wasn’t available. Who knows what the specifics were, but if we were offered anything better than a bag of balls for Igawa I think we ought to have sent him packings.


  • CB

    Great point. Great picture.

    People are complaining endlessly about what seemed to have happened at the trade deadline.

    But the fact the Yankees can add both Hughes and likely Joba after the deadline (along with Karstens and perhaps Edwar, Britton or Ohlendorf) speaks volumes about where the organization is.

    Hughes may turn out to be the best addition at the deadline. Joba may be the second best.

  • C-Note

    let Boston win their 100 and have their “magical’ season… BFD

    Lets just be 5 games better than Clev or Seattle the rest of the way

    in the playoffs I’ll take my chances with this line-up & WANG, PHIL, ANDY, ROCKET then Viz, JoBA & MARIANO out of the pen

    Just make the playoffs baby– St Louis taught us that last year…

  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    I love that picture. I am very excited for Hughes to return…hopefully he picks up right where he left off.

    On another note, how did this long DL stint effect his rookie status? He will probably reach the 50 innings limit most prospect sites have by the end of the season, but do major league DL stints effect rookie status?

    Also, Peter Abraham seems to think that Edwar Ramirez will be back tomorrow(ish) and that Chamberlain will be up by the weekend.

  • C-Note

    2002 the Angels won it all by adding Lackey then K-ROD during the season…

    the last time I checked they didn’t trade to “get” either of them

  • rbizzler

    I love that Cash didn’t panic and make a lopsided deal for Gagne. Now, they still have all of their prized arms and can facilitate a blockbuster in the offseason if the climate is right.

    Mike, good to see you back and I trust your time away has treated you well (although there has been a awful lot of action while you were away).

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Heh, no, Mike’s still away. He just can’t get enough of us.

  • younguns

    I for one am relieved that we didn’t chuck a sizable chunk of our farm system for a couple of 2-month rentals.

    By keeping our best arms in the system, we can bring up guys like Horne, Marquez, Edwar, Clippard, Kennedy, Steven White, Desalvo, Gardner, Ohlendorf, and Jason Jones up in September and give them a taste of what a penant race is like. This would be similar to what Jeter experienced in 1995 as the Yankees won the very first AL wildcard race.

    Hopefully, their performances will open up a lot of eyes and allow the Yankees to pursue top young up-and-coming hitters in the off-season such as Jay Bruce, who is considered a Griffey Jr type phenom at the ripe young age of 19.

    Salty, who is now on the Rangers, was someone who I was hoping we could trade for in the off-season as the future replacement for Posada. Although that won’t happen now, I believe that with the success of young guns such as Hughes and Joba, the Yankees will quickly develop the reputation of having a minor league system that pumps out frontline pitching.

    Hopefully, GMs of other teams will be eager to trade their premium young bats in exchange for some of this pitching. What’s truly great about having all of this terrific surplus pitching is that we will be able to get whatever we need and still keep most of the best arms for ourselves.

    Besides Jay Bruce, does anyone here have any other top young position players who might be worth trading for this coming off-season?

  • Greg G.


    While I admit that you make a very good point about Phil, and yes, that is a cool photo, I have one question…

    Why in heaven’s name are you spending any time during your wedding/honeymoon posting blog entries????

    And, yes, I am married so I know from whence I speak.

  • Frank

    Trade Melky!!!

  • Bill

    Agreed, that is a sick picture.

  • jon

    aint no way the reds are givin up jay bruce

  • yankz

    That’s the greatest fucking picture I have ever seen.

  • C-Note

    It’s so great to look at the probable pitchers list for the week and for the first time all season not see anyone who sucks(well, having Mooose as a fifth starter… he has some good nights)

    You throw a quality starter out there every night that’s how you really get things going ladies and gentleman, next thing you know your 10, 15, 20 games over .500

    Welcome back PHIL, it seems like it’s been forever…