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A-Rod out today
Injury updates: A-Rod, Giambi, Hughes

A couple of days ago there was a nice little discussion about which picture of Yankees pitching prospect Joba Chamberlain people preferred for the Joba Watch. I scoured the interweb looking for shots of the guy, and came up with a couple decent ones. Photos and poll after the jump.

Photo #1: This is the shot that debuted with the Joba Watch.

Photo #2: This eventually replaced Photo #1…

Photo #3: Via Mike Plugh @ Canyon of Heroes

Photo #4: From a recent article

Okay, so vote for your favorite pic below. If you find another shot somewhere that you want to add to the list, click the “Add an Answer” button below the poll answers, and paste the photo URL into the space. Thanks to all for voting in advance.

Update: Here’s the photo that someone recommended via the “Add an Answer” option:

Which picture of Joba do want to see used for the Joba Watch?
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A-Rod out today
Injury updates: A-Rod, Giambi, Hughes
  • Matt L

    #4 is the best Yankee one, but the Nebraska picture is just awesome, you see his tremendous passion.

  • dan

    hughes had the trenton pic for his watch, so i think that should be it. the nebraska one is very cool though…. cant find the article (either it doesnt exist or its espn insider), but my friend told me that buster olney mentioned joba possibly being called up. its probably a load of crap considering that hes on a pitch/inning count and only 67.2 innings into his professional career (besides hawaii).

  • John

    Come on, somebody’s got to get down to Trenton and take some action shots.

  • Barry C

    Someone clue him in on how to wear a baseball hat. Im suprised he didnt leave the sticker and price tage hanging off the top.

  • Patrick

    Woo hoo…someone else voted for my suggestion. We need to get that bad boy up there. If people saw that pic, the others wouldn’t stand a chance. I can’t tell if Joba struck someone out or was getting ready to eat them.

    He’s 6 week old fish sandwich left in the trunk of a car sitting in the sun nasty.

  • Patrick

    I hope C.C. Sabathia stays healthy…I really want to see the two of them duel it out one day. We’ll see who has the better “inning over” scream.

  • steve

    can someone take the pic of him roaring in the nebraska uniform and photoshop a yankee hat on him instead?

  • Patrick

    Brings me back to the old John Wetteland days.

  • rbizzler

    Ummm, who cares how he wears his hat. As long as he keeps mowing fools down and stays healthy, his hat is the least of our worries.

    For the record, I like the action photo in pinstripes but enjoy the primal scream photos at UofN as well.

  • Steve

    How do you pronounce his name?

    Is it “Joe-ba” or “Jaba” (like the Hut)?

  • Mike A.

    “Jabba”. Just like the big fat green guy from Star Wars.

    I actually heard an interview with Joba on XM the other day, and he said the reason his parents named him Joba was because his sister wasn’t able to pronounce Joshua, which is what they originally wanted to name him.

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  • Luddy Bazcej

    New pic looks sharp. Very Yankee like in those pinstripes!

  • kade

    who ever made that comment about nebraska your a dumb ass

  • kade

    joba is ausome i like number #4 the best