We got such a terrible return for Randy Johnson!

In July, Yanks win a hairy June game

No matter how poorly the return on RJ turns out (and it looks pretty bleak), it was still a good deal.

It was a good deal at the time because we shed ourselves of a 43-year-old malcontent coming off back surgery and making $16 million. It is a good deal now because Randy is undergoing yet another back surgery, which will end his season — and possibly his career, as he’s hinted in the past week.

So Brian Cashman saved $14 million and received a useful reliever for a guy who wouldn’t have helped anyway. And then some young players to boot.

In July, Yanks win a hairy June game
  • Luddy Bazcej

    I always felt fine with the deal. I despised the fact that we brought RJ to the team. I never really cared how many wins he had, he’s a clubhouse cancer with a questionable back.

    I usually dont wish people ill but Randy can go screw.

  • C-Note

    deal was fine, bye bye for good RJ

  • Frank

    Oh, yeah, he “saved” 14 million alright – only to blow three times that on Igawa.

    Cashman is brilliant!