What a difference 52 years makes

In which I don't mention the A-Rod injury
A-Rod has torn hammy; out for the year

Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan posted some pictures comparing Yankee Stadium circa 1955 to the Yanks’ current digs. I know Ben is with me on this (not so sure about Joe), but I’d much prefer if they just fixed up the existing Stadium instead of building a whole new one; there’s just too much history to get rid of the place.

In which I don't mention the A-Rod injury
A-Rod has torn hammy; out for the year
  • mg

    Absolutely. They should have repaired the current stadium and hopefully updated the concessions and bathrooms as well as adding quality TVs facing both left and right so you can watch the game while waiting. Those are the only complaints I have about the park. Once you’re in your seats it’s a fantastic place to watch a game and has more history than you can shake a bat at. Digging up Monument Park is on par with disturbing indian burial grounds.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’m in favor of the new stadium. I’d argue that the current stadium really only has existed since 1976. They rebuilt the stadium in the 70s, but unfortunately left the cramped corridors, tiny restrooms, etc.

    What I’d really like them to have done with the new stadium, is to return to the dimensions of the original stadium (though those did change substantially btwn 1922 and 1974.)

    Say the old 280s down the lines, 500 to left-center, monuments in play, 487 to center, etc.

    I can never get used to seeing that weak-ass 399 to leftcenter they have now. At least in the remodelled stadium from 1976-1985 it was 430 to leftcenter.

  • Rich

    I’m not sentimental about inanimate objects, so I am in favor of a new stadium. I only wish they were building it with a retractable dome.

    As for YFiC’s suggestion about returning to the stadium’s original dimensions, in an age of the primacy of offense, I’m not sure that would go over well with most fans (not that that should necessarily be determinative), and it could cause some free agents with RH power bats to opt to play elsewhere (A-Rod’s quest for 800 would become a lot more difficult), but given that the Yankees could be rolling out a young, potentially dominant rotation when the new park is scheduled to open in 2009, it does have some appeal.

  • b/c

    I don’t get it. As much as smaller dimensions helps the pitching it hurts the offense. What difference would it make.

  • Rich

    It would depend on the strength of your team.

    If the team has strong pitching and a weak offense, it would tend to benefit that team.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Those pictures are fantastic. I wish there were more than two. Color photos of the old Yankee Stadium are rare indeed.