• C-Note

    sweeny murdi, WFAN’s Yank beat reporter, on a 20/20 update said the yanks were interested in Texeria , especially since P Hughes is off the table- the rumored deal would be Joba, another pitching prospect & Tabata, although the yanks were trying to replace Melky for Tabata in the deal

    About an hour later Sweeny was in Studio with Mike the Blowhard and seem to back off his earlier comments, saying he thought JoBA was probably untouchable with how well he’s been pitching lately…

    This could be an All TIME BAD DEAL(with the potential of seeing JoBA win Cy Youngs & Tabata an MVP with another team) the thought of this makes me wanna put my head in the oven

    WHAT I AM HOPING, WHAT WE ALL SHOULD BE HOPING, is that this is smoke and mirrors by cashman to jack the price up for Boston, to make them have to give up a lot of their top tier farm system to get TEX… the sox obviously feel they can win it all this year and for all the talk of their young talent they are an old team(Papi, Manny, Ketchup sox, Lowell, Wakefield) and hopefully will be willing to overpay for Tex… hopefully Cash is just trying to drive the price up…

    i hope…

  • http://mehmattski.blogspot.com mehmattski

    According to that blog:

    Distance around a pitchers’ midsection is more important than the effectiveness of his pitches or his minor league statistics.

    Also, Ron Villone (B-) is the best off-season move? Sure, most of the moves deserve a grade of Incomplete or F (Igawa, Minky), but Andy Pettitte has been a damn solid pitcher this season.

    I will not be reading that blog again. Of course, being on evil MySpace was its first two strikes. I was surprised there weren’t 35 animated GIFs on the page…

  • The Scout

    I find little to disagree with in Pags’s assessment. Although the Yankees gave up little in Johnson or Sheffield — it still isn’t clear where he was supposed to play in New York — the return was negligible. Cashman had a very poor off-season. He short-changed the bench; the pitching rotation has been weak.

    At the same time, some of the performance failures cannot be laid at his doorstep. Abreu has performed far below his history; so has Damon. Giambi is an injury waiting to happen at any time.

    The great danger now is the panic move, dealing tomorrow for today. How much pressure does Cashman feel to turn things around? Is he so keen to save his job that he’ll trade Chamberlain or Tabata?

    Frankly, I doubt it. Last year the Yankees were keen to land Abreu. The Phillies wanted too much. Cashman didn’t blink; he ended up dealing pocket lint for a very useful player in the stretch drive. So I would pay little attention to what Texas wants/demands at this point.

  • dan

    not on topic, but igawa’s in the process of being shelled. 4 innings, 2 homers, 4 walks, 24 baserunners, 1 one-way trip to charleston (hopefully)

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    The only joy left in my life is getting to post cool & exciting info about the farm system every night. Thanks Eric. Thanks for spoiling the surprise and ruining my day.


  • Greg G.

    Ouch, Mike…I believe you just got scooped! :-)

    By the way, I was at Phil Hughes’ most recent rehab start in Trenton. I took my anniversary gift (a DVD Camcorder) with me and got some nice video of Phil Hughes and Jason Jones (as well as Chase, the golden retriever ball/bat-dog). As soon as I figure out how to convert this video into a useful file format, I’ll send some along. Don’t hold your breath…this may take a while.

    As for Pags “the Scout”, it’s very easy to critique various personnel moves months after they happen. Cashman’s job is only slightly tougher, as he has to make the moves before the players get on the field. Whatever.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric Schultz

    Serves you right for beating me to the punch about Betances. And I was at that game too.

  • http://www.waswatching.com Steve Lombardi

    LOL Mike. You mean the glass isn’t always half-empty? :-)

  • Rich

    How’s that A-Rod guy working out, Steve?