• dan

    assuming arod finishes the year with 50 homers(he could very possibly get more), that would give him 514 at the end of the year. A safe number for him to shoot for to reach it is close to 800…. so 286 homers in the next 7 years (plays until he’s 39) means that he must average 40 homers over that span. considering that he’s averaged 44 homers/162 games and hes stayed healthy his whole career, thats not even a longshot. Bonds has played 98 of the teams 111 games (88%), which would mean he plays 143 games at his current pace. he hits a home run every 4.5 games…. if he plays 143 games, he should hit about 10 more home runs, giving him 766 for his career. to match 766 arod needs to average only 36 home runs a year… he’s hit fewer than 35 only ONCE in his career at age 21.

    800 homers for anyone sounds ridiculous, but when looking at the numbers, the number is not only reasonable, it seems almost probable

  • Tom O

    As much as I don’t approve of steriods and the fact that I believe Barry did use them, I still think this was a very special moment. It was great to see how happy he was and how happy his family and the crowd was for him.

    Who knows, we might down the road find out for sure that he juiced up. Regardless I think this moment was a unique experience for Barry and I’m happy for him and his family.

  • kris

    Let’s get this straight. We know for sure Bonds juiced. Bonds himself admitted using steroids. He claimed he mistook the steroids for regular supplements. So Bonds juiced alright.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    If anyone doubts that Bonds used steroids, I strongly urge you to read Game of Shadows. It’s pretty much proven, beyond a shade of doubt, that Bonds was using stuff he shouldn’t have been using. Whether he *knowingly* used them is up for debate.

  • Barry

    I still think that it’s obvious that A-Rod is the man that will probably don the crown soon. Which is good because baseball will actually be able to celebrate the legitimate breaking of THE RECORD. Not complain about some roid-infested beast. I think his career total will be very very high, probably shatter a lot of expectations.

  • Marsha

    I hope Arod breaks Bonds’ “record” as soon as possible so Bonds truly becomes an asterisk in baseball history along with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.