Betances hopes to return to SI soon


We’ve got, courtesy of loyal reading Marc Resnick, a Dellin Betances sighting. According to an article a (subscription required), Betances is set to throw a bullpen session today and hopes to return to Staten Island before the season ends in a few weeks. Hopefully, my unfounded idle speculation surrounding the state of his elbow is just incorrect musings of a wondering mind.

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  • ShawnT

    Sweeeeeeeet, the thought of TJ Surgery would have been a real blow.

  • jake t

    Knock on wood

  • dan

    were his control problems a result of the elbow? he walked 2.7/9 last year and it shot up to 6.12/9 before the injury in 6 starts this year

  • Joseph P.

    I would say so, Dan. Elbow woes are usually connected to control issues, not velocity issues.

  • Gibb

    Not related to Betances, but I was wondering what you thought Chamerblain’s usage is going to be like in the majors.

    From what I understand he’ll be used similarily to 96 Mo, in that it will be for multiple innings, but at a lower frequency.

    My question concerns this frequency– a day off, two days off? How long in btw outings would you guess?

  • dan

    i dont think they’ll use him back to back unless they absolutely have to. pitching multiple days in a row is probably the worst thing you can do to a pitchers arm outside of throwing 200 sliders in a row

  • steve

    pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew … please be true.