Better than a trade for Gagne


So Eric Gagne blew two games this weekend against the Orioles. Meanwhile, the Yanks took the season series from a very passive Cleveland Indians team. The Yanks find themselves just four games out (and with a better Pythogorean record than the Red Sox). So the Yanks are arguably a better team right now. I think they can find a way to overcome a four-game deficit before the end of September. Time for a great pennant race.

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  • Freddy

    Everytime Gagne takes the mound he makes Cashman look like a genius.

  • Marc

    everytime cashman promotes the correct young player he looks like a genius. everytime he rushes a chase wright, or spends a few mill on minkewrerweqricz he looks like an idiot. but right now, he looks golden

  • steve

    how was chase wright “rushed”?

    he’s 24. he won his first game, got bombed in his second, and then was history. 1-1, big deal.

    who should they have called up at that point?

  • dan

    he cant be an idiot for playing no-risk players. he looks like an idiot when he signs pavano and igawa. i’d rather he rush chase wright than trade for tim redding like he (maybe not him, but the team) did in 2005. and steve, wright was rushed (only threw 14 innings in AA), but they didnt have a choice for another starter at that point.

  • yankz

    Yanks needed a starter after ’04, and Pavano was the best guy available. Don’t forget how hard Detroit, Boston, and others went after him. Yeah, it was a mistake, and Cash should get blamed, but I don’t think it’s as much of a no-brainer as most people see it as.

    Igawa, yeah, he seriously dropped the ball there.

  • Joseph P.

    Steve, you’re asking who they should have called up at that point?

    If you were reading this blog at the time, you’d know the answer to that: Phil Hughes.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Im thrilled we didnt break the bank for Gagne. I think I posted that I didnt mind if it was Marquez or something, and even that was alot, albeit not as bad as a blue chip kid.

    Can you imagine how horrible it would look to have seen Joba or Ian Kennedy pitching for the Rangers this/next year? Happy that Cashman stuck to his gut feeling. We are better without Gagne.

  • steve

    “If you were reading this blog at the time, you’d know the answer to that: Phil Hughes.”

    ok, but how would that have not been “rushing” Hughes?

    Wright is 24. Hughes is 21.

    i am not arguing that Wright was the BEST choice. i am merely saying he wasn’t “rushed”.

    he wasn’t rushed because he is not a prospect. he is organizational filler. he is the guy you call up in an emergency b/c you are worried about rushing your REAL prospects.

    he pitched 2 games and won 1 of them. exactly like Hughes did in his first 2 starts.

    i’m not saying Cashman is above criticism, this just seems like a silly point to rip him for. Wright was on the 40 man. it made sense at the time b/c they thought it was only going to be 1 start.

  • barry

    Is it me or do things feel right for this year. The team actually is looking complete out there.