• Count Zero

    LOL – guess he figures no one remembers what he wrote six weeks ago…which given the quality of his column, may be a very valid hypothesis.

    Pathetic isn’t it? Here’s a guy earning six figures to write about NY sports — and he doesn’t know 1/10th of what most Yankee blog readers know about the team, the farm system, or who got drafted and signed last week. Guess he must be too busy writing drivel to actually read anything.

  • DKA

    Knee-jerk journalism at its finest. It’s why you should never count on anything but blogs anymore.

  • dan

    it seems that the only place journalists are consistantly held accountable is at FJM.

  • Jersey

    DKA – Darn right. I can’t remember the last time I went to a traditional news source for baseball news on the Yankees or anywhere else. The closest I can get is Pete Abe’s LoHud blog.

  • The Scout

    Remember Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” No hobgoblins for Mr. Madden, folks!

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Bill Madden is a cunt.

  • ShawnT

    What a Jerk Off, True reason ehy you should never by into sports writers Bill Madden is a spineless loser, who cant admit when he was wrong

  • Colter

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s interesting to go back and see how people were writing off the Yanks earlier in the season. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have written them off, because they looked dead, but the reasons some writers came up with for why they were playing so poorly often showed their bias or at least shoddy thinking.

    Check out this article from the Post’s Mark Feinsand back on June 1st.


    Garbage, huh?
    You could say, Feinsand is just quoting someone else”, but to me, if you’re source is an anonymous scout, i’m going to assume that it’s pretty much just the writer’s opinion. I figure they started out with the intention of writing a negative article about the Yanks and found somebody to agree with them off the record.

  • Colter

    That should be the Daily News’s Mark Feinsand, not the Post, oops, same difference.

  • C-Note

    another major asshole is Mike Lupica- in an article during the 1st METS-YANKS he wrote the “mets have the young pitching that the Yankees pine for” who the fuck is he talking about, Pelfry?

    Madden is a burnt out drunk

  • future man

    he’s not alone. from the ben k. post you linked to above:

    “Bobby Abreu who shouldn’t be batting third and yet keeps landing there because of the Joe Torre’s pencil can’t figure out a way to get Hideki Matsui or Jorge Posada into that three hole” and “Now can we start worrying about Mariano Rivera?”