Brower, not Joba, gets the call in Myers’s wake


Remember back earlier in the season when we absolutely needed a starter? The Yanks, citing the ease of the move due to his being on the 40-man roster, called up Chase Wright. They were chastised, and rightfully so. You don’t make a move like that just because a dude is on the 40-man. Hell, he was only there to protect him from being selected in the Rule 5 draft, which he easily would have been.

There were three names floating around to get the callup for Myers: Edwar, Joba, and Jim Brower. Of them, only Edwar is on the 40-man. In this case, it would seem acceptable to call up Edwar. It’s the easier move, and he’s been stellar all year — except when he’s been on two-weeks’ rest.

However, Brian Cashman decided to clear another 40-man roster spot for Jim Brower. The casualty is yet unknown, but this is a rather suspect move, especially at this time. The Yanks just DFA’d Colter Bean to make room for Hughes. Now they have to DFA someone else to make room for Brower. Plus, once they deem Joba ready, they’ll have to axe someone else for him — though that could be Brower if he doesn’t work out.

We are completely advocates of making the right move, regardless of roster implications. However, it just seems strange that Brower got the call in this situation when he is the hardest one to accommodate.

If this is a “we’ll try Brower, and if he doesn’t work out, we’ll DFA him and go with Joba” kinda move, then it’s okay — I guess. There doesn’t seem to be any reason not to use Joba right now, though.

Update: I’m an idiot. Myers’s 40-man spot goes to Brower. Still, another spot would have to be cleared for Joba.

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  1. John says:

    I blame Joe Torre’s love of veterans.
    Cashman may have wanted to go with a move Joe liked better. That doesn’t make too much sense, even to me, because Cash singlehandedly saved Torre’s job last postseason and that would seem to be all the good will he needs.
    But it’s the only explaination I can come up with.

  2. The Scout says:

    The Yankee organizational mind works in mysterious ways. In Yankeeland, the shortest distance between two points is usually four rosters moves involving at least two minor league teams. But we can assume that if the Yankees want Joba on the big league roster, they’ll get him there.

  3. Marc says:


    Self proclaiming you’re an idiot like that is always hilarious… but the only reason i can see for brower to come up is as cash said on the fan thursday “we have brower also and why have him this entire season and have him succeed but then not give him a chance” and also, joba can’t pitch til tuesday and with myers dfa’ed and JT’s need to use everyone everyday an extra arm today can’t hurt… plus fi the game gets to brower we are most likely screwed anyway.

  4. Marc says:

    on a similar note… i’ve rather watch anyone fail then watch the farns and his disgusting mechanics pitch and lose.

  5. Mike says:

    It Cashman’s team, he’s the guy who fills out the roster, not Torre. Or at least it should be like that. You have to respect what Torre’s accomplished, but you can’t let him influence decisions like that (supposedly he said nay on a potential Milton Bradley deal).

    I don’t think Joba was scheduled to pitch today, so maybe they just wanted a guy for today’s game that they know they could use if needed. Honestly, if they’re going to count on Joba down the stretch, I’d like to see him pitch back-to-back days in the minors before coming up. Just my 2 cents.

    If the team made all the roster moves we think they should, what would we have to bitch about?

  6. anaconda says:


    I’m thinking they just need another arm for a couple of days until Joba is ready to pitch.

    The hot weather, along with the Clemens and Hughes outing, wore the pen out this past weekend.

    Joba just threw two innings on Sat and perhaps they don’t want to call him up until he’s available to pitch.

    I think Brower is only going to be with the team for a couple of days since he has the freshest arm from SWB.

    Of course, all speculation on my part

  7. I say good for Joe Torre if he said nay on a Milton Bradley deal.

    I’m sure we’ll see Joba soon.

    Maybe the Yankees are getting cold feet about bringing him up…I don’t think so, but maybe.

  8. Mike N (Stamford, CT) says:

    When Giambi comes back they can DFA Cairo and add Joba to his spot on the 40 man roster. Seems like this might be an indication (though not a very strong one) of them doing that.

  9. Joseph P. says:

    That makes plenty of sense, Mike. It might be a bit too optimistic, but I like it.

  10. Malcard89 says:

    Wait, what happened to Mike Myers? He got DFA’d?

  11. Malcard89 says:


  12. Mike says:

    I don’t know if you guys know about the site, but RAB is creeping up on LoHud for the #1 spot amongst Yankee blogs:

    RAB is also #19 amongst all baseball blogs:

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Ron says:

    I read that Brower got the call on Gene Michael’s recommendation. Since Stick was the main architect of the late 90s teams, I’ll go along with it (until Brower craps the bed).

    I’m sure we’ll see Joba soon enough. Don’t forget, a roster spot will open once we dump Farnsworth, and Giambi can take Cairo’s spot.

  14. NYFan50 says:

    RAB is the best Yanks blog around. I once said it was up there near the top, but man, Pete Abe can be so annoying.

  15. Joseph P. says:

    Thanks, guys. The ratings at striketwo can be volatile, so we could be No. 2 this week and No. 3 the next. The top spot is always with PeteAbe, and it seems that WasWatching and RAB fluctuate between 2 and 3. Of course, this doesn’t give proper respect to Bronx Banter and Replacement Level, who have been doing this longer than any of us.

  16. Marc says:

    For me it started with Banter, then waswatching, then IGWT with Mike A, then i fell into you guys following mike.

  17. Mike K says:

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I was just on the toilet thinking about the Yanks order when Giambi comes back. I presume that Cairo will get DFA’d when this happen though it could make more sense to send Phillips back down considering the defensive versatility of Betemit and Cairo and the lackthereof with Phillips (though I would not advocate this move). Anyway, here’s how I think the lineups shake out with Giambi:

    Vs. Righty Starter:

    Damon – DH
    Jeter – SS
    Bobby the Bat – RF
    A-Rod – 3B
    Matsui – LF
    Posada – C
    Giambi – 1B (Defensive liability big time, but they could be lethal against righties with him in there)
    Cabrera – CF
    The Cool – 2B

    vs. Lefty Starter:

    Damon – DH
    Jeter – SS
    Bobby the Bat – RF
    A-Rod – 3B
    Matsui – LF
    Posada – C
    The Cool – 2B
    Phillips/Betemit – 1B
    Cabrera – CF


    Cabrera – CF
    Jeter – SS
    Bobby the Bat – RF
    A-Rod – 3B
    Matsui – LF
    Posada – C
    Giambi – DH
    Phillips/Betemit – 1B
    The Cool – 2B


  18. Barry says:

    I think Damon sucks. He doesn’t deserve to be a starter anymore and IMO the teams more sound with melky batting #1. Damon needs to go, thus giving Giambi the DH spot and freeing up first for the platoon. Lets see more shelley.

  19. Barry says:

    plus i hate to double up on the post, but damon, is a rally killer.

  20. Mike says:

    Many a great idea came from toilet thinking…

    With the way the offense is rolling now (don’t give me that “they’ll come back down to earth when they play better teams” crap, momentum is the key here), they don’t need to have Giambi come back and hit in the middle of the order. They can start him back in the 7, or even 8 hole and let him get back all the way with little pressure.

    But man, Robinson is on fire. Where’s all those Red Sox fans that were claiming Pedroia was better than Cano earlier in the year?

  21. Barry says:

    yea i mean pedroia is good but he doesn’t score any runs, not a base stealer, no power whatsoever and he gets more days off at 23 than Barry Bonds

  22. C-Note says:

    let’s get all the members of the 04′ SOX off the team… one down, two to go

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