Cairo, Bruney out; Joba, Giambi in

Got any good Yankee Stadium stories?

Lisa Kennelly of The Star-Ledger has the definitive word on the Yankees’ roster moves.

Brian Bruney, who has struggled greatly with his control, will be optioned to Scranton to make room for Joba Chamberlain. And thankfully, Miguel Cairo has been designated for assignment to make room for Jason Giambi. That move gets rid of the worst offensive player on the Yankee and clears up a spot on the 40-man for Chamberlain.

The Bruney move is questionable but not surprising. While his 3.40 ERA is low this year, that number doesn’t tell the whole story. On the season, Bruney’s been very inconsistent. He’s pitching to a K/BB ratio of nearly 1. His strike outs are way down this season to 10.89 per 9 IP last year to 6.80 per 9 IP this year. His walks are up, and Torre has given him numerous opportunities to pitch. The Yankee skipper has, in other words, few reasons to feel confident in Bruney right now.

Relatedely, last week, Mariano Rivera called out Scott Proctor, Kyle Farnsworth and Brian Bruney. He noted that the three of them could throw hard but couldn’t pitch. With Proctor and Bruney gone, Kyle Farnsworth must be looking over his proverbial shoulder now too.

Meanwhile, the Yankees’ bench just became a source of strength for this team. Some Yankee fans have always liked Miguel Cairo. But no one will miss his .252/.308/.318. With Melky Cabrera firmly entrenched as the team’s starting centerfielder, the Yankee bench now features some combination of Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Andy Phillips, Wilson Betemit, Jose Molina and Shelley Duncan. That’s a far cry from Josh Phelps, Wil Nieves and Miguel Cairo.

Got any good Yankee Stadium stories?
  • Joseph P.


  • zack

    Awesome. I go away to Vegas for 2 days and come back to Myers, Cairo, and Bruney gone, and Joba and Giambi back. Plus Torre saying Melky will stay in center (supposedly). Now if they could just replace Brewer with Edwar, all will be truly great.

  • dan

    if handeled properly, the possible offensive rotation could be a huge asset late in the season. hopefully no one throws a hissy fit (damon) about not playing all the time.

  • Victoria Jeter

    Mo Riv is pretty powerful, you certainly don’t want him making negative comments about you…

  • Ben K.

    Mariano Rivera is the Godfather.

  • The Scout

    So why is Farnsworth still on the team? Mo put the hex on him, too.

  • wayne’s world

    Love that new bench.

  • Mike

    With the exception of Betemit, the bullpen and bench got stronger by promoting players from within, and by cutting ties with dead weight and/or players that could be easily replaced.

    (wipes a tear away)

    It’s…it’s…it’s just so beautiful.

  • The Scout

    Does anyone know whether any previous Yankee draft choice has made it to the Show as quickly as the year after he was drafted? I mean under the modern rules — I believe at one point “bonus babies” had to be kept on the big league roster.

  • Mike

    Scout – Ryan Bradley did it in 1998 (drafted in 97), also as a reliever. He flamed out in glorious fashion and was out of baseball by 2003.

  • Rick in Boston

    Bradley and Joba thankfully pitched completely different in AAA:

    Bradley – 12:13 K:BB ratio in 16 IP
    Joba – 18:1 K:BB ratio in 8 IP

  • steve

    wow. only the yankees can have a bench of 30 million dollars. thats about the d-rays payroll !

  • Mac

    Anyone feel bad for Joba’s buddy IPK? If ever there was motivation for him to continue kicking ass (or kick more ass)…

    On a side note, who gets the next watch?

  • The Scout


    Thank you for reminding me of Bradley. I had repressed the memory, for obvious reasons…

  • Julie

    Ian Kennedy watch?

  • mreed

    Torre flat out doesn’t no how to coach his bullpen – he leaves this idiot Bowers in instead of bringing in Joba. Someone get rid of Torre

  • Ben K.

    mreed: That’s wrong on so many levels.

    Joba is NOT starting his Major League career by coming in mid-inning. And someone had already gotten rid of Torre. Angel Hernandez did that when he ejected Clemens. Mattingly and Guidry are calling the shots now.

    Fault Torre for the way he manages the bullpen, but this is not a, in my opinion, a valid criticism today.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    chills seeing jaba out there. the future is beautiful with all our kids helping out.

  • Zack

    With the Rog facing a suspension, perhaps we will see a one game call up for IPK?

  • Tom O

    I can’t say I’m suprised that Bruney was sent down, but I can’t say I’m happy either. He’s better than Farnsworth and Brower. Sure, he needs work, but both of them don’t necessarily deserve spots (OK, Brower did well in AAA, so maybe he deserves a chance). I hope Henn and Bruney should be called up again before September.

  • Barry

    I agree with you, but doug gets back soon, i wonder what will happen with him. i have a feeling he’ll put up a fight for his job.

  • Mike K


    I gotta imagine that start will go to Karstens. Though the Yankees should call up Allen Watson or Tony Fossus for old time’s sake.

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