Christian, at AAA, out for the season

Torre's lineup attempts to diffuse a sticky situation
The Good, the Bad and the 15-4 Ugly

Some Minor League news, courtesy of Chad Jennings, raised an eyebrow this afternoon. Justin Christian is out for the rest of the season with a thumb injury. Christian hurt his thumb on Monday sliding into third base, and he will undergo season-ending ligament surgery to repair the damage.

Christian, 27, is a little too old to be considered a prospect, but he was in the middle of a solid season before this injury. He had been hitting .325/.370/.438 with 10 steals in 169 AAA at-bats. Speculation was that Christian would arrive in the Bronx in September when the rosters expand.

Replacing him on the Scranton roster is Bronson Sardinha, up for his recent demotion at AA. Jennings gives us some insight into Sardinha:

Sardinha didn’t earlier this year in Triple-A, but he was sent down to Double-A at the all-star break and hit .429 with four home runs in 15 games for Trenton. Sardinha called the demotion “a good wakeup call.”

When Sardinha hits, he hits the ball hard. He just needs to hit more consistently. He’s starting in right field tonight and batting third.

Meanwhile, Ian Kennedy’s pitching now. We’ll check in on him later.

Torre's lineup attempts to diffuse a sticky situation
The Good, the Bad and the 15-4 Ugly
  • Mike

    Gotta love that Kennedy’s mowing down the Red Sox’s Triple-A affiliate right now.

  • Marc

    yea he is… 4ip 3h 0r 0 bb 5ks 6-0 g/f

  • ShawnT

    Since were discussing injuries any word on Betances, he hasn’t been pitching, but wasnt metioned on your last injury updates

  • Ben K.

    Funny you should ask, Shawn. Joe and I were just discussing him. No word recently. We were wondering if TJ may be in his future, but that’s just idle idle speculation.

  • ShawnT

    Also i saw mcallister only pitched two innings today did he pitch in the posponed game?

  • T.J.

    Shawn, he through those two innings yesterday before the postponement.

  • Yanks26

    Kennedy wound up with 6 innings, 5 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk and 9 K’s. Gotta keep up with Joba.

  • dan

    not to mention it was against the pawsox

  • Yanks26

    McAllister’s two innings were part of the suspended game from Tuesday. He wouldn’t go into the makeup game the next game.

  • dan

    does tabata start next year in tampa (with an eye toward a quick promotion) or at trenton? even with his recent power surge, he hasnt hit for power most of the year, and i think he would be better served developing that in a lower level instead of having him face advanced pitchers who will often be 4 or 5 years older than him

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