First rounder Andrew Brackman signs

Gene Simmons called...
Shel-ley Dun-can

From Pete Abe:


Word is that the Yankees and Scott Boras have agreed on a deal that would pay the right-hander a minimum of $4.6 million and possibly as much as $13.8 million based on when he gets to the majors and whether he gives up basketball.

More on this as it becomes official later today.

$13.8M? Mother of God.

Update: This from John Heyman:

The Yankees are close to signing Andrew Brackman, the 6-foot-10, right-handed pitcher from North Carolina State they selected with the 30th pick in the first round this year, has learned.

It is expected to be a major-league deal for four years and about $4.5 million.

Some of the money will be paid out over several years, with the present-day value believed to be worth about $3.7 million.

The contract has an unusual structure because Brackman may have to undergo Tommy John surgery on his elbow — the Yankees also will get three club options at the end of the four years. If they exercise all three, Brackman stands to make about $13 million.

The Yanks never give out ML deals to draftees, this is very, very surprising if true.

Update Part Deux: It is a 4-yr ML deal. Lots of people are asking me how the ML deal works, and truthfully, I’m not sure. Fret not, RAB fave Keith Law shed some light on the situation:

me: is it a ML deal?
Keith: yes
me: ah crap
Keith: yeah not ideal
boras doesn’t do many minor lg deals
me: ok, so how does this 4-yr ML deal work?
i know he goes right on the 40-man and all that
Keith: right
he’ll be optioned in 2008, 09, 10, and 11 if necessary
me: so can he be a FA after 2011?
Keith: no, no, he won’t have service time
he still needs six years of ML service to get to free agency
me: ah ok
Keith: this deal only covers certain years – he’s still yankee property beyond that
me: so he’ll be arbitration eligible after the 4 yrs on the deal expires
Keith: only if he has the ML service
the catch is that you can’t cut a guy’s salary over 20%
so if he makes $2MM in 2013, but isn’t arb-eligible yet for 2014, he’ll have to make $1.6MM
(or more)
me: ah ok
thanks for clearing this up, it’s always baffled me

Gene Simmons called...
Shel-ley Dun-can
  • Mac

    What the hell?

    I hope those TJ rumors disappear immediately.

  • The Scout

    Hey, if Brackman played football like Henson, it would be $20 million. You know how the Yankees love those athletes. Maybe they Yanks wanted to put Boras in a sweet frame of mind before the A-Rod negotiations.

  • Kyle

    Id rather give him 13.8 million then spend that money on Carl Pavano. the only way he makes $13.8 million is if he gets to the pros quick, if that happens then cool hes worth the money

  • dan

    so how does the 4 year deal work? once he gets to the majors he starts getting the rest of that money? someone please explain the major league deal/years situation

  • Malcard89

    thx for the major league deal info mike. good lord this deal is ridiculous. kennedy, a 10x safer bet to be a productive major leaguer, got like wat, 2.2 MM? and joba chamberlain, even considering that on baseball america’s mock draft he wouldve gone around picks 10-15, got around 1.1 MM? for a guy that im hearing is almost 100% certain to have TJ surgery, him never making less than 1.6 MM dollars in his minor league career (or major, if he even gets there!!) is just absurd. aces like wang or superstars like cano had to put up with $350,000 salaries their first 3 years in the majors, and that brackman, with his uncertain status on… basically everything!… is getting to bypass that is ridiculous.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    The one thing that I really don’t understand is that if he needs Tommy John surgery that means the first pitch he throws as a Yankee wont be until probably 2009. So how much is he getting before ever throwing a pitch, and while Tommy John surgery has come along way it isn’t sure fire that his velocity comes all the way back? To me this just seems rather insane.

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  • Chris

    You guys act like it is your money being spent. Everyone should be thrilled by this signing as is signals the start of the Yankees finally flexing their financial muscle in the draft. Personally, I don’t get how a guy with no leverage got such a sweet deal and I don’t like the fact that he will use up a spot on the 40 man roster, but he has perhaps the highest ceiling of any player in the draft this side of Price.

    Their is also a long term effect of this signings and others like the Porcello signing that will have a very positive affect on future drafts for the Yankees. This deal sets a higher standard for the signing future stud draft picks meaning that it is more likely that top 5 talent will fall to the Yankees at the back end of the first round because most teams will be hesitant to draft players who will command such outrageous contracts.

    On an unrelated not, what in the world is the other NY team thinking? They refused to go above slot, drafted a ton of relief pitchers and stopped drafting after the 30th round. I guess their wasn’t enough Latin surnames in the draft to get Omar excited about it.

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